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October 26, 2010


Paul the Psychic Octopus has gone to that big aquarium in the sky.

(Thanks to many people)


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We shall not see his like again. At least until the sushi is served.

so much ink will be used to write about the late paul. sob, sob.

At least he probably knew it was time

oh, the humanity.

So long, suckers.

daed si luaP

He sleeps with the fishes.

I kind of thought the whole thing stupid, but since Achmedinejad hated him, I'll miss the little guy.

So sorry calamari.

Here's a great cartoon recapping his career :-> http://is.gd/gkRDU


We're gonna need more marinara.

Berlin refused to sell Paul to Spain. Any conspiracy theorist knows the 'died overnight" excuse doesn't hold water.

"He will be sorely missed"

I hope the writer meant surely.

Forewarned is eightarmed.

Sandy...that was brilliant!

I was watching a paparazzi-based TV show last night (the one with 3 letters) and the host asked how long do octopi live. Somebody answered...until the oil is hot. bahahahahahaha

Now Paul is six feet under, which means there are two feet still unaccounted for.

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