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October 26, 2010


The Miami metropolitan area is the 47th dumbest city out of 55 major U.S. areas, according to the Daily Beast's annual "Smartest Cities" survey.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Washington DC at 9? Chicago at 24? Sorry, don't think your polling method is valid. Think about it, which city gets more people to voluntarily give up suitcases full of cash than any in America? That's right, Las Vegas, which came in dead last.

But Wing, We all know not a damn one of them can read on Capitol Hill and we're dying because of it. They all want to wait for the movie. That gets bottom of the list in my estimation.

Go Boston!
or rather, Perambulate Boston!

Favorite show in Miami: Is You Smarter Than a Chimp?

Ha, ha! Houston beat you! No wait, that's a good thing, right!

*High fives NotSherly*

It's all those baked beans that make us so smart.


It's all those baked beans that make us gassy and isolated, so we read alot.

Wing, I beg to differ. We give up truckloads of cash to Washington, albeit not so voluntarily. Most of the people in Vegas are donating their money to the few that own the casinos. Seems like every cab driver, waiter, etc. I've met there were tourists that came for a couple of days and got hooked.

Also, Miami is not the dumbest city in Florida. Orlando beat us. Woohoo!

Yay!!! Charlotte is number 16! I knew we were smart.

The picture of Houston shows the building I work in. It's the pink pointy one on the right.

Designed by Philip Johnson, I believe. Cool.

You are correct, sir. Philip Johnson and John Burgee.

My son was playing Sim City and got to the skyscraper stage. The Bank of America building was one of the choices, which I thougt was cool.


WV, you just re-stated the point I was making.

Wing, I'm nothing if not redundant!

you can say that again

Wing, I'm nothing if not redundant!

Kansas City was #12. Cool.

...But I'm at a loss to understand how DC ended up in the top ten. Especially with Congress as an anchor on their collective intelligence...

And I'm guessing the "smaat-asses" who came up with the rankings all live in #1 Boston. And paak their caahs in Haavard Yaahd.

I'm so amused to see the best photo they could come up with for Columbus, OH was the home of the football Buckeyes.

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