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October 26, 2010


Police try to help man with crotch cut

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Guy sounds a little teste.

Shoddy journalism... nowhere in that piece was any mention of whether or not alcohol was involved.

That being said, resisting treatment for a lacerated scrotum... that takes balls.

pardoooon? you lost me at 'crotch....'

'Crotch Cut' WBAGNF-OMG!What-was-he-thinking??! QB Sexting

Treatment for a lacerated scrotum is no big deal. You just put a couple of shots of novacaine down there and then stitch it up! I usually follow up the treatment with a tetanus shot which I had to get a few days ago after slicing my hand open on a mini blind I was working on. Here is a good piece of advice. If a slat breaks in your mini blind don't try to fix it. Just throw it away. After the ER trip, stitches, and tetanus shot I now own a four hundred dollar mini blind. All because I thought I could fix it with a steak knife. Bad idea. Especially since a new one only costs around four dollars.

*resisting schadenfreude . . . failing . . . now chuckling . . . *

GAAHHH! Dave, stop posting these male-injury stories! I can't type with my knees crossed!

There are some jobs best left to the professionals. A bris is one of them.

One would think nursecindy might have a friend in the business and get a professional discount. Guess not.

I love this! "I will kill you! Or, perhaps, scream for help...."

He had heard that they take test tickles in the ER.

Better check for lead poisoning, nc. Some of those Chinese vinyl blinds have high levels of lead in them.

Hey, man up, guy.

I know an amateur tattoo artist in Ipswich who could make it look better ...

Send me to the emergency room with a scrotum laceration and I guarantee you I will be on my best behavior. Promise, promise with all my heart.
Lucky he didn't go to jail with his jewels in a jar.


Paul, the octopus oracle, who correctly picked Spain to win the World Cup, had died.

A twenty-one vulvazulu salute will be played at his funeral.


He was afraid this might happen.

Sounds like they should have finished the job whoever he was trying to kill started.

Dr. Hourani might have been a "locum" surgeon before the operation, but his patient surely was afterwards!

Is anyone else bothered by movies where the bad guy is chasing a young woman, invariably wearing high heels, and she just falls? Why doesn't she ever grab him with one hand, hit her wrist downwards with the other, and ask him if he wants those back?

I've never understood why, when the fighting gets hand-to-hand, no one ever eye-gouges.

Seems to me that would seem the fastest way to end a fight.

But what do I know? I'm a lover, not a fighter.

(Except in court.)

Last ball for alkihol.

Seems like a nice enough fellow, and a Georgia Bulldawg fan, too, I fancy.

I wonder if he has to wear a cone around his head now?

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