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October 27, 2010


Kimberly-Clark rolls out tube-free Scott toilet paper

(Thanks to Chuck Cody and John Regan)


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Preschool art teachers all over the country are screaming "NOOOOOOOOoooooooooo!!!!!"

cats should just love it...

So at the end of the roll there is nothing?


Well I can certainly visit the little old mans room with much more joy now.

You wait and see--they'll wipe the competition!

Sure, they can eliminate the tube, but low-flush will plague us forever.

gee, now we can't do this...

bonmot, that was my first thought. I have several lovely, collectible, objects d'art that my kids made with toilet paper rolls. If they also do away with yogurt containers and baby food jars there will be nothing left for them to work with.

"Stagnant" is not the aroma of toilet paper.
Unfortunately, the brand is Scotts. I've only bought it once. Then I told my wife I had discovered what the sandpaper factory did on off days.
Maybe I'll give it a second chance. Let me get some ointment.

Following the enviro/sensitive - paper or plastic phase out, can "bring your own napkin" be far beh(_i_)nd?

I will never be able to complete my glider to escape from Luft Stalag 112B now. -- Ripping Yarns.

Is it another sign of the upcoming Apocalypse?

they are a good reminder I will be buying more even sooner now

what would I do without reminders?

What next -- tubeless toothpaste?

moncler, if you want to fit in, say something stupid. That's the way it works.

TP 40% recycled from what?? My only hope is it would be congressional bills.

This idea has just got to go.

I remember my first tubeless radio...it had transistors. I'm pretty sure they would irritate the delicate nether areas, however.

Tube free? Thought that was Paris Hilton's motto.


Tubeless toothpaste

Inventors: A challenge.

We have tubeless tires, now Tubeless Tiolet Paper.

Lets see you create:

Tubeless YouTube

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