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October 23, 2010


Flaccid ticket sales doom Exotic Erotic BalL

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Flaccid? Doesn't he play for Baltimore?

Man, we know we're in trouble as a nation when San Francisco loses its libido.

Flaccido Domingo sales also sagging

No way is that a coincidence. Spokesperson Buttner and Councilman Butts???

They're also facing a law-suit from last year's vendors. They had guests buy tickets to trade for food and then didn't pay the vendors for the tickets collected. So it's probably more than the sales.
/unfunny remarks

Nobody wants flaccid tickets. I like my tickets stiff and firm.

With a name like exotic erotic how on earth could there be a slump in ticket sales. I would think that it should be sold out. The only problem I see in the name is faccid may of scared a few off.

Kudos to Dave for adhering to our strict policy, etc. I'm guessing Councilman Butts is single.

NC, if you want to marry him (not presuming he either goes that way or is at least AC/DC) he will probably want to design your wedding costume and body paint. Should be a lovely affair.

Butts was looking forward to the event on the sternwheeler. I bet.

There's a pill for that. Jeff told me.

If your Exotic Erotic Ball lasts less than four hours, please see your doctor.

That's precisely why Monty Python staged The Secret Policeman's Other Ball.

Because two balls are better than one. Especially when you're having a hard time keeping your sales up.

Loudmouth, nursecindy Butts just doesn't have that special ring to it. Now, Siouxie or Annie-where-but-Butts sounds much better. I don't allow body paint before the wedding.

The last time I used body paint it was 5 gallons of Weatherbeater... Held up nicely, too.

Sounds like if they want to try to have it there next year they are going to have to kiss some Butts.

oldmanatee, for some reason your comment reminded me of an old joke. This beautiful, sexy woman went up to a redneck in a bar. She leaned over and whispered in his ear, "I'll do anything you want for a dollar if you can say it in just 3 words". The redneck said, "Anything?" and she said yes. He thought about it and then looked at her and said, "Paint my house".

nc - was she blonde?

Sandy, that was the lol of the bunch. Does he strain at those high notes trying to remedy the flaccid?

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