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October 27, 2010


Man charged with indecent exposure argues his genitals not big enough to warrant a charge

(Thanks to Matt Filar and Chuck Cody)


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"perhaps fearing his evidence wouldn't stand up in court"

Excellent reportage from Down Under -- so to speak.

Not Toowoomba, really.

his evidence wouldn't stand up in court

The person who wrote this article would fit right in with this blog.

If his evidence won't stand up, he's unlikely to get off. He won't slip through the cracks of justice this time.

Guess it wasn't a fell-on-knee felony.

If the genitals are small then it's only a misdewiener.

Ladies, I hear he's single.
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Is that wacky Brett Favre at it again?

undiscoverable =wipe that from the dictionary.

He had an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny
That he showed to the pubman that day
He had an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny
Off to jail they took him that day.

If da condom won't fit, you must acquit!

Too small to be charged? It takes balls for a guy to use that as a defense.

It's not the meat
It's the motion
---lyrics from a famous Maria Muldair song

There once was a fellow named Rex
Whose organ was too small for sex.
When charged with exposure
he replied with composure,
"De minimus non curat lex.

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