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October 25, 2010


Shouldn't there be two of them?


(Thanks to queensbee)


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Feh.Turn it 90º. Not big enough. Needs a logo boob job.

Underboob is underrated.

Built like a brick convention center.

is there a logoplastic surgeon in the house?

It reminds me of the Charmin logo--squeezably soft!

Looks like the lid of a frying pan, actually.

Hmm, never saw a boob with a handle on it? never really needed on though.

Who cares wha tit is?

Century II Performing Arts and Convention Center, yes, the air-conditioner works that well.

The new radio tagline to go with the new logo:

SuckleBuckle up and come visit our new
Convention Boobs Booths!

They're merely trying to keep abreast of the times.

I design logos and other items for a living, and let me say that this is one of the worst offerings I've ever seen. This is not even worth inclusion as the "rejection option," which we designers often toss in, as means of allowing the client to feel empowered. Horrible.

My nipples, and others I've seen, are much more round. (TMI?) Anyway, I didn't even see "it" until I read the article.

OC, have you seen the Arlington, County, VA logo? Looks like a trash can.

I didn't see it either, Suzie Q. I did see the frying pan lid.
I'm guessing this interpretation breaks down by gender, for obvious reasons.

just Googled it. Yup, not good either, but at least one can make out a capitol and a "V" reference. This one here is pathetic. Probably done by one of the suit's graduating offsprings for free.

I'll say this though. The designer most definitely loves his/her Weber grill.

I thought it was the top of a grill at first.

As James Garner once said to Rita Moreno in Marlowe, "Careful, you could put an eye out with that."

I thought of grill lids, also. But there are other resemblances, too. A dome is not one of them.

From what I've seen, when the temperature drops, it'll stand up.

Cold as a Wichita ... convention center.

Sometimes a Performing Arts and Convention Center is just a Performing Arts and Convention Center.

(and lol meanie.)

Definitely a Weber Grill lid.

I'm disappointed, I was expecting Rodan (there are two of them!)

Inspired by a recalled item?

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