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October 25, 2010


A pumpkin of 1,169 pounds, the year’s state record, is dropped onto a Pontiac 6000 from a 175-foot-high crane at Hee Haw Farms in Pleasant Grove, destroying the vehicle.

(Thanks to Karen Bridgers)


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such a waste, now if there had been about 30 congress peoples in the car, then it would be cool. oh who am I kidding, it was cool anyway.

awe. some.


Reminds me of college.

We dropped one 50 pound pumpkin off the 4th floor dorm balcony onto another 50 pound pumpkin on the ground. On top of the lower pumpkin was my roommate's toothbrush.

I never told Joe about that. I wonder if he ever noticed the pumpkin flavor when he brushed his teeth later.

Cheap Letterman trick.

You'll only inspire him to do more nutty Letterman tricks.

(And to the obvious question: Both!)

i swear, i thought they could fly........

What a waste of a perfectly good (if enormously outsized) pumpkin! (The Pontiac was a waste when it rolled off the assembly line.)

So, how many nanoseconds until the "Punkin' in the Trunkin'" rap video comes out?

Squashed lemon.

How on earth does anyone grow a pumpkin that big? I hate to say this but I would have liked to have seen that.

The sidebar article is also interesting. "Apartment building evacuated after police find body, mushrooms."


En gourd monsieur le Pontiac.

*Hands Punkin an ice pack and some Tylenol*

HAR! @ Loud' ...

Right, klez' ... if it wuz a Pontiac, it deserved whut it got ...

The only way to improve on that would have been to have Karl Rove driving.

Is Consumer Rep0rts taking things just a bit far these days?

Now if a trebuchet had been involved, it would have been worth watching.

Anything involving a trebuchet is worth watching.

Alex Trebuchet ?

Anyone can drop a pumpkin -- gravity makes it easy. Levitating one is much harder.

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