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October 06, 2010


So it's time to get productive.

(Thanks to MaryQOS)


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Mine's defective....

where's the paddle?

*snork*@ gov. Hammie

Great, Dave. Another game I suck at.

I think I need to buy a second mouse.

The dullest game in history, and I work out a way to cheat. What is wrong with me?

OK Elon-give me the cheat-I want to win!

Aaarrrgghhh! Okay. I finally got into a groove. But now I can't for the life of me repeat it. Sigh. Gonna have to work at it more. ;-)

Looking for a paddle?

*smacks* MKJ w/ paddle...

I GOT IT!!! Sloooooooowly drag the string all the way to the right as far as it can go, & make sure the ball is not swinging... continue sliding your mouse arrow out of the box (the string will hang straight down next to the box frame, & just a half circle of the ball will be visible)
THEN: approaching from outside of the box, slooooowly sneak up on the half of the ball, then when your mouse arrow is close to it quickly pounce & click on it! & you should get a new color :)

That's some Al Gore rhythm.

Way to think outside of the box, sandy! Thanks.
I got it to turn green!

Thanks, sandy. It works!

Red, then gray, then green.

Mine turned green

There's a cream for that, Theresa.

Yeah..mine turned..now what? sheesh.

Wow, I didn't know being productive could be so colorful.

it's good to know what pirates are doing these days

Son I am disappoint. That it wasn't a real story about a real economy in a real toilet. I guess we'll have to wait for a story from Mary Keen Of Squats ...

Yay, mine's turned brown now! All's happy. Thank you, Mary Quality Of Service!

Easier way to cheat: Just use the Tab key.

The Queen of Scots is not amused.

Uh oh, I'm in trouble now! The Queen'll probably dish out some Heck In A Handbag punishment. No doubt I'll need a lot of Isle Of Skye Black Cuillin to recover ...

UH-OH--a computerly impaired old lady just discovered that if you right click on the screen the ball freezes and you can click it to change color.

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