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October 27, 2010


In the cheesy ad, she uses her screen husband's penis for a leg up to reach a biscuit from a high shelf while a voiceover says: "Take the right step towards erection problems."

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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disfellowshipped beats disremembered any old time.

Quite a woody.

I bet if the Beckhams had filmed this ad there would not be a problem...

I was originally picked for the ad but the lady kept falling to the floor.

Wish they had the ad video up. I don't want to watch it, I'm just curious what sound effects they used. The old classic "sproinga, sproinga, sproinga" or something more nuevo, perhaps?

You can watch it on You Tube.

This'll all blow over soon. She needs to keep a stiff upper lip, and not let the jealous wowsers upstanding women of her church get her down.

*Stepstools lasting longer than 4 hrs may cause bLadder problems

The bad news is that he had one of those 4-hour mishaps. But at least she got the cabinets cleaned out.

The bad news is he had one of those 4-hour mishaps. The good news is she got the cabinets cleaned out.

a double-header, steve?

Slow computer tonight. It doubled back on itself and bit it's own ....

Here's the video.

any faith at all would not allow for that

'must be some hard core doubt going on there'

Mr. Language Person: Should it be disfellowshipped or defellowshipped? Should her preacher be defrocked or disrobed? Also see this.

Stop and ask yourself: What would Jesus do?

What if the next commercial featured a talking erection that would speak in an appealing British/Australian/New Zealand accent, just to keep the viewers guessing? Wait, that's been done already.

Come on. Nothing a church should object. It's just a man helping his wife to get closer to heaven.

She rung him up? Why's that such an issue?

Now if she would have used it as a diving board...

As long as she's not taking a stepstool sample...

She looks happy in the commercial. Doesn't
God want us to be happy?

OK, WTF is up with moncler?

Mama told me, and she was right:

Some guys are just big pricks....

Careful sleuthing has led to one inescapable conclusion: moncler is ...... a squirrel.

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