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October 24, 2010


Saanich corn maze party gone wild

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Corn-liquored up.


Tune in weekly to see their rows, as they get stalked, popped & creamed

Spinach - corn - maize - fracassee. I thought it was a cooking show.

Maybe instead of security guards, they should have hired corn CHiPs. Man, than was corny.

When corn maize is banned only criminals will have corn maize.

Someone needs to explain that it's SATURDAY night that's all right for fighting (and parties, which appear to be one and the same in Vancouver)

"A-Salted by Corn 'N Maze"

police said they try to stop this thing before they happen...

"there is no try, Master Fluke, you either do or do not" as a wise Jedi once allegedly said.

These kids obviously confused the corn maze with a hockey game, where it's OK to beat the living snot out of the other guys.

Next on the police log: Man charged with assault with sandwich in Saanich?

The term is goose egg, not goose bump. There are no editors anymore, are there?

Crime stalks Saanich.

Does she know you've escaped?

shucks, meanie, who doesn't love corn 'n spam?

Hominy times is he gonna post the same comment? (See other threads).


He's really muffin it now.

This is why we can't have nice things.


Getting stalked in a corn maize can be an ear opening experience.

I think a teen might have beaned ugg with corn one too many times.

Those teens are definitely not well bread.

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