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October 31, 2010


Three Chicago teenagers were charged with ditching a dinner bill and drove off with a waiter clinging to the roof rack of their SUV, police said.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Crotty told the newspaper he then ran back to the restaurant to finish his shift. "I still had tables," he said.

Now that's dedicated service! Crazy, but dedicated.

Once, in college, I got to talking with someone and walked out of a coffee shop without paying. I realized my mistake five minutes after I drove off. My mind supplied the police sirens that weren't really there.
That afternoon, on the way home, I stopped and paid. No one had noticed but me. It had haunted me all day.
I always wondered why that waiter was clinging to the back of my Pinto.

Wow. He deserves some 'Chicken Soup for the 'Waiter, there's a fly in my Soup! Soul'... no,...
There's a Flying Waiter on my Roof!-and-he's-No-Chicken!-Soul'

I believe I would have just gotten their license plate number. You seldom see people stopping a car by grabbing it. Steve, I had a Pinto once also! Actually I had 2 of them but don't tell anybody. Now that was a car you could probably have stopped by grabbing it.

Driving a Ford Escape no doubt.

You get a Florida License! You get a Florida License! Florida Licenses all around!

If I rode 8 blocks on top of someone's SUV to retrieve $51, my boss had better come get me.

girlogic - I'm sure your 'boss' would do that, if, in your case, the term 'sport-utlity vehicle' referred to the guy's 'stick shift.' IYKWIM...


Cindy, when my wife and I married, we both drove Pintos.
They were so constructed that once while getting some body work, I pointed out that the mechanic had forgotten to straighten one end of a rear bumper.
He got down on one knee and fixed it in seconds by BENDING IT WITH HIS HANDS.
If I had known they were made of tinfoil, I'd have done it myself.

Some of these news articles are so vague. Did the police get called when other drivers saw the waiter clinging to the roof? If not, how did they get charged? Did the weiter know them? Or did the waiter subdue them single-handedly, call the cops, then run back for his shift?

When I was in college, working at a fast food restaurant, once when running out an order, I slipped, fell, landed on my back and hit the back of my head on the tile (which was of course, on top of concrete). I got up and finished running out the order and worked the rest of my shift with a headache. But I'm not clinging to any cars!

I'll try the rack of waiter. Well done, please.

He wants a tip? Getting yourself killed for a $51 bill that doesn't even go to you won't get you promoted to management. This guy came close to being our Darwin Award for the week.

I'll be skipping out all week. Don't forget to stiff your server, and try the wheel.

Leaving your tables to go car surfing is not the best way to provide service and get good tips.

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