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October 26, 2010


Escaped snakes take over town

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Snakes on a Main St.

I thought for sure this had to be Washington DC. I guess everyone is used to snakes crawling all over the place there. Oh, forgot, they are all out of town trying to save their jobs.

*crosses China off list of places to visit*

And they're off!

You're on, serpent boy!

Adult King cobras aren't that dangerous since they are fast and tend to stay away from people. (Not sure about youngins). Good thing they weren't carpet vipers or Russel vipers, those 2 kill more people in the world than the deadlier cobras.

As long as the carpet viper matches the drapes viper . . .

I do not like even being on the same planet with snakes.

I have no experience with cobras. But rattlesnakes are usually not interested in biting if you don't press the issue.

Old shaggy dog story punch line:

I am the viper. Vere are the vindows to be viped?

It doesn't work with a COBRA.

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