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October 25, 2010


Couple finds buffalo in swimming pool

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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So the buffalo roamed?

that's sad!! why did the owner feel a need to put it down?

and all the chickens in buffalo are landlubbers. no wings at all. but they are delish.

Bye, son.

"Oh give me a home,
where the buffalo stay-the-hell-outta-my-pool..."

Ok, needs work.

Now, if the buffalo had wings...and the pool was full of ranch dressing, you'd have yourselves a party!

Why did the poor buffalo get put down? And by put down did they actually kill it or insult it?

Thye didn't know ANYBODY in rural Georgia, who could take the animal, instead of destroying it?!!???

Did Ted lose another one?
My wife's family moved from Atlanta to Buffalo when she was in her late teens.
It was summer and all the Buffalodians (Buffaliens?) were in tee shirts and shorts.
She reports that her family was in heavy sweaters, expecting snow.

According to the comments, the owners were planning to "harvest it anyway."

Yet another reason I find myself slip-sliding toward vegetarianism in my old age...

Well I bet it won't do THAT again . . .

Pool repairs will be costly - Buffalo Bills suk.

Does anybody else find it disturbing that there is a review for a steakhouse at the bottom of the page?

Oh, Buffalo does have swimming pools - we call them ice rinks most of the year.

Buffalo football pools also on thin ice, jess ;)

BuffSteak on the barbie.

Looking at the color of the pool, there's no telling what other dangerous critters are in it. The owner may have decided to take the meat while it was still fit for human consumption. Don't have a cow, man.

Buffalo burgers, anyone?

And of course, gotta ask "Would you like fries with that?"

Nc, this is Atlanta, which is part of the South.

When they say put down, it means for good.

Which reminds me of an oaf old joke.

What is the difference between a Northern (State) Zoo and a Southern (State) Zoo?

Well, besides the animal description(s) on the plague or marker outside the exhibit, the Southern
Zoos also featury a tasty recipe.

At least there were no swimming babies nearby. :0

Man, you're sick. What type of person thinks about swimming babies (the cutest thing on Earth) like that? ... :/

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