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October 20, 2010


Unicorn video a hoax, says Ontario Science Centre

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)



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I blame Bigfoot. Al Gore helped him.

The Ontario Science Centaur?

ya think? scuse me while i saddle up my dino-saur.

"This video was posted on YouTube with millions debating its' authenticity."

Really? So that means about half of those were FOR it? Our future is SO screwed.

*loads up worldly possesions, hops on dragons' back and flies away*

I think some Scientists need a vacation.

So the chief criterion for judging a unicorn's authenticity is gait and uniformity of color, and not the fact that it, technically speaking, doesn't exist?

Well speaking as a Canadian, I am embarassed. The Ontario Science Centre, formerly a respected institution, looks...err...somewhat stupid here...

You'll excuse me now...I have to deliver feed to my herd of Unicorns in the back 40...

awww, sh!t!

Watch that language!

The Minister of Faeries has resigned.

Barney Frank?

We need a volunteer virgin Blogette to go to Ontario to assist the Canadians in testing the purported Unicorn. Dear Blogettets, you can't lose, if the unicorn doesn't recognize you as a virgin, obviously that's not a real unicorn. Your secret will be safe.

Define virgin

Define volunteer.

Where's my lasso?

"It's still alive in our culture even though we don't have any proof scientifically."

Oh, the wonder of it all. Thanks, Dave! That really made my day, er, night. Whatever. It made me happy.

As for leprechauns, yes, the Centre should investigate them (as soon as it wraps up the unicorn thing as well as the correct way to spell "Center"): I think originally they were supposed to wear red, not green. We need to get this straightened out by next March.

Ohh geez Bjdeming:

I'll bet you still think colour is spelled "colur"

You mean the unicorn isn't real? Damn, first Santa Claus, then global warming now this. Just what AM I supposed to believe in?

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