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October 28, 2010





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Charlie Sheen?


Meg Whitman?

Billy Ray??


The Alamo?

Paul 1?


Dr Alzheimer

It's on the tip of my tongue......Beer?

I'm Ron Burgundy?


Barry White?

Thanks a lot, Dave. You were the last friends I have. All I have left now is my bottle. I guess, I'll just have to get used to being a failure.

What is Finnish for "Who?"




Who is finished, for what?

We won't . . . .

Kimmo, after awhile it gets easier. Trust me.

As the man standing at the urinal next to Dave said after the Super Bowl,

Who dat?

Wait. Oneblankspace, you are admitting you followed Dave and watched him urinate. I'm pretty sure that there are laws against that kind of behavior.



Wait. What was the question?

Abe Vigoda?


The mother cat teaches her kittens to bury their waste to hide their scent from predators and so as not to offend more dominant cats in the neighbourhood.

President Obama?

*Gets out spaying knife for our newfound sp@mmer*

'Soiled your mittens? You naughty kittens
Now you prepare to die...'

Kimmo, you gonna Finnish that?

Outgoing congressmen?
Incoming congressmen?
What I'll be doing until we can restore sanity?

The way we won't forget.

Good one, mtb.

Zaphod Bebblebrox?

He needs a Blog Eye for the Strange Guy makeover.
First - a new hairstyle.

Elon: This was my source. Evidently you must have either missed or forgotten that post. And now, to avoid tripping the filters, I have to make this post long enough that the filters don't think it is reminiscent of that Hormel product.

Nope. I never did see that post.

Yeah, that does explain everything satisfactorily. Sorry, about that.

Elon and oneblankspace? I want the two of you to hug and make up. Some pictures of this would be okay too.

MtB ... y'all KEEP makin' me Loller (when I find the time to check back in here @ the DB) ...

I like that in a person ...

Annie w-b-h ... y'all too ...

... hmmmmmmmmmm ... fotos ... yeah ... that'd be good ...

Elon and oneblankspace? Y'all can quit hugging now.


No guessing what party that guy plans to vote for next Tuesday.

Bernie Walters!

(and if y'all know the line that follows that one, yer more well-read than the average person ... )

Kimbo Slice

Trong Gallop?

never heard of him

VERY GOOD, Crissy' ... that's the next line! (not the Trong Gallop part ... )

Hairy Reid

Harry Hands.

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