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October 25, 2010


Justice for Kimmo Wilska.




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A Chechen in every port!
*gropes for my Wakefield Track & Field jacket*

R.I.P. Alex Anderson.

*bows head for Moose und Sqvirrel.*

Thanks, Guin, for the link. Over 40 years after the fact, I will still stop and watch Rocky and Bullwinkle if it comes around on the tube.

The article mentions Crusader Rabbit. Despite my ever advancing age, I remember him too.

I don't remember Crusader Rabbit but I loved Rocky and Bullwinkle. They don't make them like that anymore.

Dave, you remembered!

Ah, "Facebook on muuten bännännyt adminin julkaisuoikeudet tälle sivulle."
Truer words were never spoken.
Whatever they are.

The last persecuted minority. Beer-drinking Finnish anchormen, unite!

So true, Steve. And don't forget: Kimmon pitää tehdä sopimus jonkun olut yhtiön kanssa, jotta saatais kauppojen hyllylle KIMMO olutta. That sentence almost makes me cry. Wish I knew what it meant. Kudos to Brian Duval for saying, "And the so-called United Nations does nothing!" Wonder where he heard that at?

Is "support group" really the best term to use for this?

"kimmo olutta" is apparently Finnish for "elastic beer", which of course WBAGN etc.

If you read down far enough in the comments, not that far really, I know you have a life, although I don't, you will find a pretty girl with the middle name Doomstick.

Whoops, it's a guy. Now I'm afraid that Doomstick is just humor and not translation tragedy.

Still no Lapp dancers . . .

"Huomatkaa, että Kimmo kaataa Karhun ohi suun...olispa ollu OLVIA niin ois osunu maaliinsa ja ehkä ois välttyny potkuiltakin....toi KARHU on niin karvaista :) ja muunneltu tärkkelys maistuu :("

Please note that Kimmy Bear poured over the mouth ... I wish I had ollu Olvia so'd osunu maaliinsa and maybe'd escaped potkuiltakin .... brought to bear is a furry:) and modified starch tastes: (

Y'all might wanna remember that when traveling in Europe and you come to the last Lapp, y'all must be near the Finnish line ...

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