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October 11, 2010


The City of Beverly Hills is launching its own line of perfumes

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Snooki's already ordered several kegs.

*Snork* @ 9021-Eau.

"Forget about size for a minute. This is a world capital: New York, Paris, London, Beverly Hills,"

I think the Mayor has inhaled a little too much of his perfume.

And St. Petersburg will have this.

Silicon No. 5?

Do monkey farts smell worse than buzzard poop?

*Reflects on the wisdom of "Ignorance is bliss"*

"Do monkey farts smell worse than buzzard poop?"

wbagnfar album

"Skank" inspired by Paris Hilton

I'm actually posting this from about a mile away from this destination. Rodeo Drive is surreal. Both sides of this three block fantasy land may be equalled by only a few places in the world. Perhaps some place in Dubai. The opulence and exclusivity being displayed is hard to imagine. Viewing the various shoppers darting within is anything but typical.

Suggestions for Miami:

SoBe: A fragrance redolent in coconut oil, cocaine, and gun oil.

Toll Booth: Smells generic but you must pay a quarter every time you use it.

Booger: Quirky and amusing. Comes in a light blue bottle.

Good ones there, H/R.

I used to work a few blocks down Wilshire and OC Dolphin is right - it's pretty amazing and worth seeing. Although shopping there made my credit cards shiver and huddle, frightened, in the corner of my purse.

Casting Couch #3, the smell of fear, ambition and money with a hint of stupidity.

It's times like this when I am deeply proud to have perfected the art of not caring.

*Splashes on a bit of Apathy por Hommes*

I would love to see Rodeo Drive however seeing it is about all I could do. Do they have any outlet stores there?

nc - you mean like, custom electrical outlets? Did you need porcelain, platinum, or sterling?

nursecindy-the outlet stores are down next to the Everything's a $1000 store.

I, too, have experienced the stretch of Rodeo Drive between Wilshire and Santa Monica boulevards -- Annie and OC speakum truth. Try to imagine 2.3 city blocks created and populated by Salvador Dali, and you might get close.

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