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October 29, 2010


Beaver blamed for causing fire

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Whew, that was a close shave.

If only I had gotten there in time, this never would have happened.

Flaming beavers are common up here

The other rodents are joining the squirrels! AIEEEE! RUN!

It's never a good thing when your beaver leaves a burning sensation...

It goes without saying that Flaming Beavers WBAGNFARB.

jon, I agree. But I have given people shots of Penicillin for that. (iykwim and ityd)

Well, who doesn't like a smokin' hot beaver?

Pretty sure that "The Fire Down Below" was already used for a porn movie featuring redheads...so I've heard.

Flaming Beaver=Firecrotch=LiLo?

>> Investigators... could see the distinctive marks of beaver chewing...<<


Watch it AatD. As a redhead I resemble that remark.

Cindy, I just checked--I mean my friend googled it--and you're not in the credits. Unless you've got a stage name...

Cindy never gets credit.

Annie told me.

C'mon baby light my fire.

Dam beavers.

This is on Eddie Haskell. Everyone could see he was a bad influence.

They need a beaver cleaver. That was someone's porn name fer sure.

I suspect Hos playing with matches

What OC Dolphin said, Mrs. Cleaver.

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