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October 30, 2010


He's back!

No word on Edgar.

(Thanks to Emily Tobin)


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If 24 still had Marwan it wouldn't have been canceled.

Good Grief. He's not bad looking though

Wow. I obviously don't watch enough TV. I read, "... Booth was a sniper", and thought, "Booth? As in John Wilkes? Pretty sure he shot too close to qualify for that term."

I miss our 24 blogging on Monday nights.

Edgar will be on Hawaii Five-O Monday night (November 1), according to IMDB. His character's name is "Buddy", but this is an obvious ruse.

Of course Arnold is a good ole' South African. My SIL knew him well when he lived in Cape Town and I met him on at least 2 occasions that I can remember.

How many occasions that you can't remember, Mot?

Well my SIL is a management agent for actors and we were always invited to first nights and after parties so there could've been several occasions when I'd imbibed enough beverages of an alcoholic nature to have made my memory of events a tad hazy.

Note to self: get to know Mot the Hoople and get invited to the partys he goes to.

If Marwan will be on "Bones," who will take over pretending to be The President in the next G.I. Joe?

Just saw tonight's "Hawaii 50." I'm pleased to report that Edgar is alive!

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