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October 25, 2010


Librarian enters the Guinness Book of Records for collecting 22.1 grams of 'belly button fluff ' over TWENTY-SIX years

BONUS FACT: Graham has also collected stamps, bakery bags and McDonalds tray liners.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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How can navel lint be differentiated from dryer lint. How do we know he is not trying to pull the wool (or cotton, as the case may be) over Guinness's eyes?

um, yuck.

The ladies out there who are disgusted by this guy may like to know that every last shred of my belly button lint is right there where God made it. Au naturel, baby!

I wonder how long it's going to take him to get to a full oz. That's another 7 odd grams for those of you still stuck in the 19th century.

Here in the good ol' US of A we measure our belly button lint by the POUND, Mot!

Oh, and Suzy wants that guys' phone number.

Well, my main hobbies involve venomous animals and my wife has put up with it for (?)-ty years.
She has even developed an appreciation for spiders and snakes but she lets me check them out first.
Lint just leaves me fuzzy feeling.

Steve, you could make little beds for your critters from belly button lint and combine BOTH hobbies!

Well, until the critters rise up and kill you in your sleep. But the kind of critters you keep are likely planning to do that anyway, so no worries.

The most troubling - a museum was actually willing to buy the stuff - must have used grant money.

I prefer Lindt, and not in my belly-button.

I'd rather collect Fuzzy Navels. Hic.

Steve, under no circumstances should you dress your critters up for Halloween. Snakes generally do not appreciate cute outfits.

Way to perpetuate the stereotype, Graham. Thanks a lot.

@Mad --
Not all librarians have non-cat collections.

I knew one librarian who collected parking tickets from windshields of cars.

Dress your snake up as a rope and go as a cowboy. YeeHaw tie up them dogies.

If he's not still single, was there a navel engagement?

Dollars to donuts when the police decide to dig up this guy's backyard they will find multiple victims.

I don't so much KEEP them as let them roam free.
I haven't seen the 6 foot cow snake in the basement, yet, but he's running around naked because I have his skin.

How in the world does one approach someone and ask for their navel lint?
~ Curious


At least swiping parking tickets has a sort of anarchist coolness to it. I swear to you, even before I clicked the link I knew this would be a middle-aged white guy, with a beard, glasses, and wearing flannel. (I am indistinguishable from him except for the flannel.) (Also that my reaction to bellybutton lint is "Huh! That's a big wad of lint," not, "Hey! I could make a career of this!")

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