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October 25, 2010


Thank the Humor Gods that campaigns are back to "normal."


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wait, there's something wrong with setting yourself on fire with a cigar?

This is why we have Blago, Newt, Buchanan, O'Reilly and a plethora of pathetic politicos - because in 1986, Dave asked for it?

There is still humor in politics. I'm sure that Annie has seen this ad. Probably more than once.

Thank heavens we have a witch to keep things in balance this year.

New York has the "Rent is too damn high" candidate. Who may be high, himself.

Never saw it before, 'scrubcindy.' Not anywhere near Dave's level of politicomedy. Or Jon Stewart's....weaker even than most of the SNL pap. Too bad, cuz the bit had potential.

Sorry you didn't like it, or evidently me either, Annie. The guy that directed 'Airplane' wrote it. I don't know Barbara Boxer.

I liked it, nc. And I agree, it could have been much funnier. He should have stuck Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi and Gloria Allred all inside a Prius and on a cross country trip driven by Sasha Cohen. Now that's comedy!

I try to stay away from politics. It's unfortunate, but I've lost too much respect for some very funny, witty, and entertaining people after they've they've elected to voice their political views. Nothing kills a relationship faster than politics. Except perhaps Senator...

Thanks OC Dolphin. Living in North Carolina we have our share of political comedians. We recently had a story on the local news about how a candidate in South Carolina is saving on his campaign spending by popping up in back of reporters while they are giving on site news. I guess it's cheaper than buying commercial spots and it gets his face out there.

I liked it, chief emergency thoracic numocardiopathy head nursecindy.

Thanks bonmot. I worked very hard to get the title 'Head Nurse'.

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