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October 26, 2010


WILLISTON, N.D. – Police in Williston arrested a man who allegedly shot a urinal in a local bar.

(Thanks to Matt Filar and Allen at Division)


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He had a problem with a discharge.

Dave--please tell me you have some comment on Tom Tancredo running for governor of Colorado.

What is it with men and their bad aim when it comes to urinals?

Maybe when he flushed it splashed? that is justifiable reason to shoot a urinal.

It has to be said. Pissed off?

Man, you guys already got all the good puns.

What? no comment on _Willi_ ston?

Wrong way to get a head.

must've been a low flow - urinalot a trouble now!

If it was squinting and snickering, then the shooting was justified.

He was just mad about being offered a really bad tasting mint.

He shot the toilet, but he did not shoot the deputy.

How do the girls on this page even know what a urinal is ? Is there some dark secret we should know ?

Shooting a 45 at a smooth, highly polished surface at close range? It surprises me that this happened in the vicinity of alcohol.

Next time the library.

We aim to please, you aim too, please. And if you miss take another shot.

@leDud - we find out these things on the blog.

He's a real whiz.

Maybe he was hocking a Luger.

bonmot, ye made me choke

If it's like the Williston in Florida, it's a real toilet.

No wonder it hurts when he pees.

Someone told him to aim for the head.

I'm surprised he didn't miss.

There has to be a concealed-carry joke in here somewhere.

Musta used his beeretta.

He must have been pretty shaken up about it.

Williston ... about three hours away frum here ... heart of the Oil Patch, with an influx of roughnecks that sorta get carried away with their "leisure" time ...

He can't be frum around here tho ... any Nodak would've been smart enuf to know one doesn't shoot a urinal with anything bigger than a 9 mm ... um ... too many opportunities for further "humor" in that statement ... ignore whut I said ...

OH! Sumthin' SHINY!!! SHOOT IT!

"Ya wanna step outside?"
"Ok then, mofo..."

Did he use a pisstol or an automadick?

Speaking of dumb people.... We have had nine tornado warnings with three actual funnel clouds in the past four hours here in NC. James in NC I hope you are safe and not living in Vale, NC which I understand is pretty torn up. In fact several people are trapped under their homes. The dumb people part is the local stations were showing updates and people were calling them and complaining because they were interrupting 'Dancing With The Stars'. The storms are starting back up again so if you see a brick Cape Cod house with a rattled looking redhead in your yard in the morning that will be me. I like cream in my coffee.

Stay safe, nc. You're not in Kansas anymore.

NC, this is why trailers are popular in the tornado belt. They move easy and wherever they land, you set up shop and you're back in business.

He was pissed he couldn't light the cigarette.

(I'll probably see this fellow for a not competent to stand trial issue.. For this they will bring him all the way across ND....)

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