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October 04, 2010


Pigs on the loose on Toronto Expressway

(Thanks to Michael McNelis)


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All of the radio station traffic reporters this morning were having lots of fun talking about pig headed drivers hogging the road with their ham handed habits. Fortunatley it wasn't on my commute route.

Police had to build a makeshift pigpen

What, they didn't use duck tape? Chickens.
Don't have a cow, man.

When pigs fly....duck.

Don't all cops carry pigpens in their shirt pockets?

Actually it was the firemen who used their ladders to build a pig pen. The firemen then tasked the policemen to act as pig herders and drive the pigs into the pen. Who said that firemen are dumb? Sounds like they definately got the better deal.

Helicopter traffic announcer: "And on the Toronto Expressway, we have quite a mess, folks. Lines and traffic and pigs, EIEIO my."


Fire up the grill!

ArcticAl - to be completely politically incorrect, that would be pigs herding pigs.

Canadian bacon!

♪ Ham this traffic jam.♫

DON'T say it!

Those are very mellow pigs if they can be contained with ladders. I've seen one pig that size escape six people and knock down a fence. I suspect the firemen had their hoses ready as a backup, or the police were maintaining herd control with donuts.

Think of all them silk purses . . .

They were on their way to Boston butt, they never got there. The driver thought he had the chops, but really he was too rasher and ended up in a scrapple. You never sausage a sight.

You'd think there'd be a link to it . . .

"There is No Porking in the red zone."

Rectum? Nearly killed 'em. Were any inverted?

As God is my witness...

You gotta go with your gut, Jackie.

A moment of silence for the casualties, please...

And . . . time's up.

OK, now pass the red-eye gravy, please.

Yes! BBQ!


Is the plural of "driver's license" really "drivers' licenses"?


Meanie - it's driver"s" licence"s".

bonmot has a 'beef' about bbq.

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