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October 21, 2010



(Thanks to Phil Snyder)


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This is an excellent example of why some women shouldn't hifenna, hiphen,hyfa put that little dash between their names. Or better yet stick to their maiden name. Mine was Johnson. I took the married name.

Her favorite pub.

Visit the Beaver a lot, bonmot? I'm talking about the pub.

NC, I try to get into the Beaver every chance I get!

No wonder you're shaky, bonmot.

nc -- check out the "DAM Good breakfast" on the brunch menu, and notice what it's NOT called.

Also, the place is owned by an excellent chef, Monica Pope, who happens to be a proud lesbian.

With that back story, ya gotta like the name even more!

They used to serve smoked spam and eggs, but I didn't see it on the menu.

I'm familiar with the phrase, "soft as a downy chick", but have never heard, "soft as a downing beaver".
Guess it just didn't fit John Denver's lyrics... .

Well, she coulda been named Abby Normal

Abby Scent

bonmot, I just saw this. They can call it 'pulled pork' all day but it's bbq. I also noticed they didn't have,imho,the finest breakfast you can eat in the South. That would be scrambled eggs, country ham, grits, buttermilk biscuits (homemade and not canned or frozen, yuck) ,and red eye gravy. I guess I'm going to have to come to Texas and teach y'all how 'real' Southerners. eat.

Whatever makes her Abby....

Come on down, y'all!

Head out? Head in.

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