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October 11, 2010


Ships probably didn't carry this much beer.


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If your jib is unfurled for more than four hours, should you see a doctor?

Do we celebrate this day because Chris C was the last guy to discover America?

very good this article

Sailing and beer. A classic combination. How could Magellan be wrong?

Dave, don't let anyone fool you. Jib size DOES matter.

The Irish discovered America. Columbus was a showoff had better marketing.

Did Edgar have big jiblets?

Happy Snooki Day everyone!

They must have been using a left-handed sail (or "spinnaker") on their jib.

Regardless of whether the Israelites, Chinese, Vikings, Irish, or Italians say they "discovered" America, I believe the title should go to the people who were there to meet them.

You mean the squirrels?

Or the roaches.

Think about how many insanely stupid brave voyages would not have been made without the assistance of alcohol.

Searching for a 1986 comment to append. . . .

A voyage of a thousand miles begins with the first sip . . .

Heya, Ferdinand - hold my sangria and watch this!

'Christopher Columbus sailed all the way across the entire ocean hundreds of years before the discovery of aluminum cans'

...and the Vikings did it long before 'sexting'.

@Sandy --
Since Viking is the gerund form of "to vike" I'm not so sure that 'exting wasn't involved.

Ed didn't say much, did he?

My jib is THIS LONG! (hold arms wide apart).
What's a "Jib"? One of the Bushies?
Don't mind me, I'm just jibbering.

You never know what you can ketch from a jib.

Actually, Christopher Columbus sailed (most) of the way across the entire ocean on a carrack, which was square-rigged and had a spritsail, but no jib.

Historical accuracy aside, Dave obviously learned the most important "evolution" on a sailing vessel -- splicing the mainbrace.

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