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October 30, 2010


...this is called "parking."

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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In Atlanta it's called "driving".

I guess he thought the house needed a carport.


-- D-Day

In Australia that's how they would prepare their cars before selling them.

In NY, that's pizza delivery - right to your couch.

In LA, it's called a "Lohan."

..he left his bedroom to surf the internet because he couldn’t sleep.
So whatever site he was er, perusing saved his life?

My flying car!!!

Thanks for dropping by.

I hate drop in guests. Next time call first.

A wannabe Knight Rider car that needs a bit more training.

In Wisconsin it's called "first day of freezing rain."

The driver will be suing the town for not putting up a "House Ahead" sign.

I've done the cruise ships before and that way you get two for one almost. A trip to the Bahamas and a cruise.

Oh absolutely, Leanspa. But do those cruises offer bedside pickup? I think not.

That is how Obama drove the Democrat party.

or how brett drove the vikings

Baby, you can't drive my car.

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