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October 01, 2010


The Naked Cowboy is running for president.

(Thanks to BillyJoeJimBob)


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1 - y'all look at picture #5. swallow alert!
2 - a staple in the busker scene in Times Square. I wonder what a paperclip would look like.

Umm, isn't it time for someone to announce for President?

CNN - bunch of morons.

That is NOT the Naked Cowboy. Siouxie, back me up on this.

And that is not even close to the Naked Cowgirl.

If his "manifesto" is accurate (and if you go to the link you get "page not found") he's as stupid as all other bs politicians promising crap they can't deliver and spreading hatred and distrust.


At least we can be sure he has no hidden agendas.

He's about 14 minutes and 55 seconds into his allotted time.

NOT the Naked Cowboy. Jeff is right. I'd know his butt anywhere.

Actually Jeff?? Upon further inspection, I believe that IS him. He just cut his hair.

Exhibit A

Looks like Siouxie will support his presidential erlection,
even if he gets a little behind...

I wonder who his running mate will be .... Ratso Rizzo?

I am sorry, I just cannot bring myself to click on a link with the words naked cowboy in it.

He's not bad looking ofg. If I remember correctly Mr. Meyerson and I had an email conversation the other day about sending the knock-off 'Naked Cowgirl' to Miami to live. Trust me when I say she is not a Miss American winner judging by the picture of her I saw. I believe Siouxie and Diva were in on that conversation. Which tells me I'm hearing waaaay more about Naked Cow People than normal.

Please run, Mr Blog, so we can bring back the Political Q&A with Ginger agreeing with the American People.

Although I seem to remember one candidate for Senate who filed to run in 2000 just after the 1998 election, and he won the election posthumously.

Siouxie, you'll just have to do a validity check.

The Semi-naked Cowperson is just a newbie political wannabe -- we need experience! Vote for Vermin Supreme!

Actually, the Blog has more experience, but they would make a great team.

Not Naked at all. Very disappointing. They should not be allowed to call themselves "naked" when they wear bikinis. Who wants a candidate who can't tell the difference between "naked" and "mostly naked"?

Question for his campaign: will he prefer a touch-screen in voting booths, or does he prefer voters use the old pull of the handle.

Just so his chads aren't handing out.

Hanging, hanging. Though he might not mind if someone were handling his chads. Wish I could type.

Well I am Canadian so I can't vote. But seems to me he may be a distinct improvement on the current occupant of the White House.

True dat, Afkat.

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