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October 11, 2010


Trust this blog: You don't want to see them.

(Thanks to Steve [The Other Steve] Lancaster)


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It's the vegetarianism. Throws a wrench into everything.

Believe him. You DO NOT want to look, unless you want to see a guy whose lip looks like a piece of bacon.


hm... it's worng to kill a defenseless critter and eat it...so let's self-mutilate! i get it now!

Er, which particular vegetables are these folks consuming? I ask merely so that I might avoid them at all costs.

*Trusts Blog.*

In Blog We Trust.

Wrenches aside, the end of the article offers up an interesting question: Who would you least like to be stuck on a desert island with?

Osama or Obama. Don't know which of the two I would have to kill first.

Urg. It's not even a SnapOn. Just some cheap knockoff.

I, for one, would like to thank the blog for posting pictures that I didn't want to see.

UGH. Men and their tools.

Wouldn't it be hard to eat vegetables with a hole in your cheek?

That man's diet is missing an essential element. ugh.

Umm, ahh, hmmm...

More like Phukthat.

*waves wrench @ Hammie!*

For a change, I'm taking the blog's advice....

He can't be that serious about not seeing it. He didn't use the tag.

OCD: Think of it this way...if you could strand someone on a desert island and all you had to do was go along with them, who would you strand?

*WAVES @ Hammie!!!*

The first guy must have a screw loose.

Um...slight warning on my link. NSFW or much else.

*Waves @ Annie!!!*

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

"Sayfba, ift dat an electro...Aieeeee!"

"Sorry, I didn't understand you. Let me turn off this electro-magnet."

That's gonna leave a mark. Coulda had a V8, literally. Big block hanging off a lip.

At least he can find his wrench and it probably won't be borrowed by a neighbor.

Another advantage of being able to eat bacon.

Maybe his lip sprung a leek.

Loose lips sink quips.

"Paging Nurse Ratchet...."

I don't get why they beet themselves up like that.

I will always trust those warnings. 'specially since I am eating lunch at this time.

Beisbol been berry (clank!) berry (clank!) good to me!

That's like... Calvin Klein does the Sears catalogue.

The Silence of the Yams.

"Paging Nurse Ratchet...."

You called, Annie? I have learned to trust The Blog and I'm not clicking on that link. No way. The Blog never lies.

Besides the article wrenched with tools, here's
another example of what can happen if you
don't eat meat...here

i'll bet brett wished he'd never taken a picture of his tool

I like the guy who seems to have put lipstick around the cut, making it look like a second mouth.

Looks like these guys are at least getting iron in their diet.

Many snorks, and I agree, More like Phukthat.

Hee. I DID click on it and my screen only showed the headline, so I got the laughs without the gags.

I think I stabbed a hole in my keyboard trying to navigate away from that. Naturally my computer, which hates me, took that moment to freeze.

It takes a skilled Craftsman to monkey with that wrench!

I'm guessing he probably won't win a balloon-blowing contest.

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