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October 26, 2010


He wanted a yin and yang symbol with some dragons, but was instead shocked to discover the 40cm tattoo was of a penis with an obscene slogan.

(Thanks to Chris Bartlett)


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Here's your Ann Landers tip for today: don't let someone you are arguing with scratch permanent ink into your body, especially if you can't see what they are doing.
Is it just me, or is there an obsession with serpents and serpent-like appendages this morning?

Tats for gits. The biker/tribal version of the "Kick Me" sign.

I just wonder how that conversation went...

"you sorry SOB, you #$%&$#&*%...!!!

Why yes, certainly I'd like a tattoo. How much? FREE! Yeah, go ahead. Thanks Man, you're alright after all.

"Is it just me, or is there an obsession with serpents and serpent-like appendages this morning?"

no it ain't just you and it ain't just this morning...

No problem really, he just needs to get someone to tattoo a big fig leaf over the offending member. I am so glad old age brings such wisdom. now if I could just remember where I put it.

As an older, mature American (old fart), I believe that most tattoos, no matter the intent, are really signs across the forehead reading "This space vacant".

I agree with Steve. I am not a fan of tattoos of any kind.

My personal body remains unadorned, as does my current wife's and my two teenage chirrens (so far).

I did see a Tahitian on Bora Bora who had the full tribal facial who looked pretty cool, but it was in the right setting.

Kat von D or whatever her name is (tattoo lady from LA INK??) is signing "books" this afternoon at the B&N by my office. Lots of kids and older folks with various tats and piercings waiting on line outside. Kind of like an early Halloween.

No problem. I think they can burn it off with a laser.

40 cm = 15.748 inches

I believe what he said was, "I gotcher Ipswich right here, pal."

You can return your purchase within 30 days if you have your receipt and everything is in its original packaging.

I work at the local county lock up. Some of the folks in there are running out of canvas space.

So when I see a tattoo I think "criminal, stupid criminal"

So, what was the misspelled obscene slogan??

btw, not ALL tattoos are bad.. I have one, but it's hidden under normal clothing. (It's of Scooby Doo, if anyone cares).

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