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October 31, 2010


Let's keep it classy out there.

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie)


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Nice broach!

If he really wanted class he'd have gone this way.

They were sold out of the lo-flo mullet version.

Is that a variation on a "snake in the toilet"? A "sneak"?

@sshat :)

Nothing says "I am a piece of shit" more then this.

If you already have a reputation as a party pooper, then we have the perfect costume for you.

Important safety tip for men: Don't leave the seat up, or your S.O. may hit you.

If you are home and dressed up in that, waiting for trick-or-treaters, you are such a loser!

And watch out for those Milky Ways climbing up your legs.

I think I'll stick with my usual gypsy costume.

btw, my 6'3" son called me the other day and wanted to know who Hansel and Gretel were. I had to ask him to repeat himself 3 times because I thought I had heard wrong. It seems his girlfriend has decided they will dress up as those characters for Halloween. I've never thought of Hansel as being that tall. He wasn't too happy when I explained who they were. He's really not into lederhosen. A 6'3" Hansel with a red beard should be interesting.

Charlie Sheen wore that to his last Come-as-you-are party.

nc (male bloggers avert your eyes, please) - that is a classic dominate-your-boy ploy. If your son concedes, she rules. If he doesn't, she may either leave or use it against him later...many, many times. Gotta give the girl credit for knowing how to play her cards. :)

Annie, I agree. I'm going to have to keep an eye on this one.

There is nothing wrong with a powerful woman.

put that lid down!

I've heard (and unfortunately experienced the results) of hover pee-ers, but this? Now there are hover poop-ers?

Mrs. Loud was sewing up skin tight Power Ranger suits yesterday for my son and a buddy. Sort of like shiny red and black Under Armor. They are 21 and are wearing them tonight for a party with their death metal band. Worst I ever did was a Robin Hood outfit (NO TIGHTS) with my real longbow and real arrows.

Worst I ever did was a Robin Hood outfit (NO TIGHTS) with my real longbow and real arrows.

Oh, quit bragging, Loudmouth.


Kids started comin' round @ 2:00 here. 2 snookis, 3 gagas.... *KNOCK KNOCK*: Oooo! gtg change back into snooki... brb...

My husband said someone he works with dressed as a whoopee cusion. I scolded him for not taking pictures.

Back to the topic, this story fits right in with this candy I saw this morning.


There's also a box-o-boogers in that top ten list. I know how Dave likes his booger jokes.

Any pictures of the longbow, Loudmouth??

I hope Dave doesn't mind because this is my all time favorite Halloween column by him.

That way you can drink all you want and your face is already in the toilet.

NC -- several quotes from that column have been on my Dave's Calendar of the Day this week.

Nah, cindy. It's over at my Dad's. A couple of years ago he decided to string it up and managed to crack the wood. It had not been used in years. BTW, A kid with a real weapon gets lots more candy than the other losers out there. And no one takes it away.

I love the part about his 'strong gag reflex'. I have the same problem. Also about the mom that wonders why her child would want to remove her Eiffel Tower costume.

Halloween etiquette question - if several kids show up dressed as the human centipede, you give candy to just the first one and he 'shares' it with the rest, right?

My 11-year-old daughter actually followed through with her BM (no, not the one posted above) costume. It was pretty cool. What can I say - she is a showgirl.....

Happy Halloweenie,everyone!!! BOO!!

That, btw, it a crappy costume!

Went to a local bar last night that was having a costume contest. An awful lot of the young ladies costumes involved the maximum amount of cleavage that they could squeeze out of their, um, assets. I think I could learn to like this adult halloween thing.

n'cindy ... any pix of Gretl?

... um ... Gretel ...

Already too much candy "checked for tampering" ...

Oh boy it comes with poop too. Happy Halloween!

No pictures of Gretel yet, O the U. I'll post some if I think you'll like them.

Makes a great Halloween costume

WTFBBQ else would you use it for?

Am I the only one annoyed that the TP is going UNDER and not OVER the roll? Also, that guy is smiling way too big...

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