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October 28, 2010


Victoria Clapham, 22, wore the dress on a night out in central Wellington late last year. It was given to her by her friend Matthew Vibert and his mother – but she says she did not know he had previously given it to another woman.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody and Allen at Division)


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OK. But would any of the blogladies be offended if they were to be propositioned proposed to with a used diamond ring?

wiredog, I think the rest of the blog is at lunch! It depends on the size of the diamond. I hope the dress didn't get ruined. He's going to need it for his next girlfriend.

It's just one I havelaying around.

So wiredog! Hang around here much? Do you like long walks on the beach and candlelight dinners? What's your sign?

They both should be jailed. Everyone knows silver looks best on redheads.


*Still trying to unravel the implications of "former Temperance Bar"*

"two blondes crossed paths in the toilets at the former Temperance Bar"

Why does this remind me of Robert Frost?

Obviously she looked shocked and horrified. Drink glasses get smashed all the time in cowboy movies, and you never see anyone bleed. Who was to know?

What did she (ex) think he was going to do with a dress anyway, hmmm (or eh, for any of you Canadians)?

'Masters was first to throw a drink ...Ms Clapham retaliated and threw her vodka on Masters. Masters then smashed her tall glass over Ms Clapham's head'

Sounds like Masters baited her.

Absolut 'What Not to Wear'

Shoddy journalism - was the dress ok?

They could use a little wisdom from King Solomon - cut the dress the half so they can share it. Do the same with the guy.

There are some strange twisted people on this blog. That is why I love it and feel so at home. hah

As a guy, if I walk into a bar and see another guy in pants my ex-girlfriend gave me.....so what ????? Starts singing: A Hymn to Him (Why Can't a Woman be More Like a Man) - Professor Higgins and Colonel Pickering

Thot provokin' quote: (besides "the former Temperance Bar" ... I wondered about that too, MtB)

"She needed stitches for cuts on her chest."

... um ... nope ... best to not go there ... 'specially if Punkin' is around here sumplace ...

Don't ever cross paths! Did we learn nothing from Ghostbusters?
Especially in a toilet.

Pictures please......poor journalism

Update - she was found not guilty.


Pictures hell, we want video.

Add a rider to the health care bill-- no drinks in the toilets.

What a waste of perfectly good alcohol.

Punkin's appearances on here have been . . . dare I say it . . . patchy.

Guys would have said, "Nice pants, look good on you!" and shook hands.

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