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October 28, 2010


Sylvia Hall of Centerfield said she decided to obtain her National Rifle Association certification, which required 45 hours of training, and teach gun-safety classes after she used her Smith & Wesson to scare off four men who showed up on her doorstep and wanted to read to her from the Bible, The (Louisville, Ky.) Courier-Journal reported Wednesday.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I can't say that I blame her if they were trying to push their way into her home. An elderly friend of mine had a similar situation and they ended up robbing her. I think it's appropriate to yell, "Turn the other cheek" after shooting at them, btw. I learned that in catechism.

Many many years ago I had a neighbor, across the street, who had been a tanker in 3rd Army during WW2. He still had a Wehrmacht rifle (among other things) that he captured.

One day, while cleaning his collection, some proselytizers, known for not leaving and for literally putting their foot in the door, came by. The interaction after he opened the door was something like "Have you heard the word of God today". "No!" followed by slowly dropping the rifle to point at the proselytizers.

They stayed off our street for years after that.

A different take on WWJD.


"How do you get nearer to God?"

"I'll show you."

"The Bible? Sure, but first let me read to you from the Second Amendment."

Same thing happened when I was a redneck kidlet in upstate NY. Big dude walked right in our front door at dinner time, all the way into the kitchen to preach "religion." Dogs got before we fired a shot. He sure made a nice mulch for the tomato plants.

"Dogs got to him before we fired a shot." sorry....

*Waves (Carefully, from a distance, not on her property) @ Annie!!!*

Ha! Reminds me of my favorite uncles in
Secondhand Lions...

i grew up in a neighborhood in south queens where the Jehovah's Witnesses were prevalent. Nearly everyone there was either Jewish or Italian, but the JW's persisted. their little magazine fit neatly into our birdcage.

What Would Dirty Harry Do?

40 years ago, when my daughter was 8 years old, we were visited regularly by pleasant but persistent Jehovah's Witnesses. I always caved and gave them a dime for the 'Watchtower', but then they started trying to get in and 'have a talk'.
My daughter saved me; she stood behind the door the next time they came and whispered (probably audible to all) "Now, Mom...remember what you said you were going to do!"
Well, shoot...you can't lose face in front of your 8 year old; so I said, "I'm really sorry; but I'm Catholic, and my husband's Jewish, and you really shouldn't bother climbing three flights of stairs to see me, because it won't work."
They left quietly and didn't come back. (Of course it's possible they were just afraid of my daughter...)

(God knows, I was!)

Or they were afraid of the possessed door.

Dang, Horace...you could be right!

(And now that we're traveling down memory lane, I remember my dad answering the door one Sunday morning to find two Witnesses kneeling on the front porch. He gave them some heartfelt spiritual advice: "For God's sake, get up and go away!")

Wow, these are some hard-sell techniques! At our church we will sometimes go door-to-door to publicize a special event or to pass out brochures (never ask people to pay for them though). But never more than a couple of people to a team, never try to go inside, just try to briefly deliver the information, and if told to go away, go away.

If four guys showed up on my porch and tried to get inside there would be a police incident report in their future.

I'm Agnostic and my wife is conservative Christian, which is an interesting mix.
Both kids had been sick for several days but had finally gotten to sleep one night about 8:00. My wife, who had been up with them for a looong time, took the opportunity to take a nap.
I heard footsteps on the front porch and got there just before the knock.
Her preacher and two elders had come by for an unannounced visit.
I chased her preacher off and told him that NOBODY gets into MY house by just knocking on the door.
For some reason, he never came back.
Not very dedicated, I guess.

Mebbe the reason I don't get bothered by a lot of "religious" door-knockers is they know the NRA sticker on my auto stands for "Nine (mm) ... REALLY Accurate!" ...

... um ... kiddin' of course ...

I actually prefer the Model 29 Smith & Wesson, to the Luger ...

Interesting. I'm a Christian, but I've never considered going door to door about it, and I don't really like it when other people do it. Although to be fair, the people have generally been reasonably decent and haven't tried to get in the house.

People trying to clean your carpet, though, wow.. Very persistent.

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