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October 20, 2010


Sperm donors 'deserve greater recognition'

(Thanks to Mark Buckley)


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Let's give them a hand.

Game ova? Jizztastic!

My, what hairy hands you have!

And not a moment too soon. There's a lot of work involved in getting those little swimmers out. A woman merely has to lie back, the Dr. does everyhting

If we, er, I mean they wanted more recognition they wouldn't pull their sweatshirt hoods over their faces as they leave the clinic. Or so I hear.


Was that you, padraig? Overdrawn at the sperm bank again?

As a modern society, we need to come to grips with this issue.

But this way they avoid the clap, Annie.


Way to pull together as a team, guys!

*waves trashy magazine @ Hammie!!*

Give 'til it hurts.

All we really want is a happy ending, right?

...and a towel, Siouxie. Or two.

For restraining himself with the Mrs.,
shunning affection and kisses,
he did the hard part,
down at the sperm mart,
and was duly paid for his jizzes.

People. People.

Get a hold of yourselves.

Siouxie gets paid for restraint, too. Although it involves a bit more leather.

so if the clinics don't pay them more they won't come?

...and handcuffs

If you billed it, they will come.

Annie, only if there's a spurt in demand.

Field of(ahem)Dreams?

*Holiday Bonus*

Come dressed like Santa in your Ho-Ho pants & empty your sack!

With practice you can become egg spurt.

Never shake hands with a man coming (ha!) out of a sperm bank.

They're making this way too hard.

Don't bother me, I'm in my orgasmatron 9000.

Meanie?? If the problem lasts more than 4hrs...ya know.

Yes, if an uprising lasts more than 4 hrs, call a dictator.

You're very creative today, Annie. Best stay away from any donors.

Do I get a standing ovulation?

*All donors get free Beef Strokinoff*

Yes, but it's more effective on a different angle.

All donors also get a free package of beef jerky.

"Sperm donors 'deserve greater recognition'"

Then there's those Quarterbacks who prefer LESS

Do they take tips?

Je t'aime - very poorly, in that quarterback's case.....

We wish to extenze our gratitude to our top donor, Pee-wee Herman.

See men? Takes hard work.

You won't get Favre on 12" foot.

it's a sticky situation...

Low blow, Annie. I like.

No wonder he was so hard to sack. Nothing to grab.

He needed better protection.

"Excuse me while I whip this out"

this thread is coming along quite nicely.

seen one favre sack, seen 'em all....

After posting on this thread, I think I would make a terrific offensive linesperson.

We've probably beaten this thread to death, I'd say.

sorry, annie: nfl wants to do away with graphic hits below the belt

^... hoping to reduce 'head' injuries, of course

sandy, surely to prevent head injuries.

whoa! butting head simul!


butt of course, siouxe ^5


*snork* (_!_) (_!_)

*slides butt away from siouxie*

I feel a donation coming on....

Time to throw in the towel, Meanie.

*hands Meanie a hanky*

Annie: 'Cream of Chicken Soup for the Donor's Soul'?

sandy: That's not cream.


i choked.

*snork* @ the Siouxie & sandy show!

You two disgust me. I love it.


I disgust myself too, Annie! Just trying to bait ya. I'm a master at it ;P


*smacks* siouxie: swallow your pride, girl!

Spitters are quitters . . .

I know exactly why Siouxie's hangin' out here right now and she's about to get her wish.....


(*reserves hallowed 69th post on the sperm-donor thread for Siouxie)

LOL I missed it by *this* much!!

At the sperm bank, there are no penalties for early withdrawals.

He did a bang up job. Money well spent.

'...there are no penalties for early withdrawals.'

- there outta be a penalty stroke

whoops, my bad - typo...should read "hollowed" 69th post.

It's all right Annie. You gave her a "heads-up".

So don't get teste, Siouxie.

there are no penalties for early withdrawals.

But does the sperm bank have a night deposit box?

Layzeeboy, I've been to talk to you about that night deposit box. The post office and the video store to cut it out.

^ said. Although if you continue with your 'night deposits' they may very well cut it off.

Alright! A thread to be proud of. Give yourselves a hand! (or change hands if appropriate.)

♫ and in the end
the cup you've made
is equal to the mirage
you've laid ♪

'Yes, if an uprising lasts more than 4 hrs, call a dictator' - annie

You leave your hands OFF my husband, Annie!

No Potato Soup for You!

Very Zen. The sound of one hand slapping.

Wanker Appreciation Day. They should get their reward good and hard.

"Sperm donors 'deserve greater recognition'"

Roughly sixteen years from now: "Hey, mom, have you ever noticed how much the Senator looks like me?"

It's nice to know what the blog guys do in their spare time and also that they are the type who don't mind giving back to make the community.

I shudder to think how much money I've sent down the shower drain. More than you can shake a stick at.

If they try to regulate sperm donation any more, guys will have to go back to doing it the old-fashioned way.

And, right on cue, Bob Guccione has died.

A sperm has a lonely life searching a very large,hostile cave for a giant sphere.
Like the other sperm attached to this sphere he has not idea what message he delivers.It's worse than being a blind courier.
After 18 years,this sperm is blamed for flat feet,bad breath,low intelligence,obesity,drunkeness and a slew of other horrid traits.All of these flaws might indeed be the fault of the giant sphere.
He is but the messenger.

*taps mike*
...is this thing on?


Rise & Shine :)

A heads-up would have been appreciated.


I'm as patriotic as anyone, but saluting will distract from the job at hand.

I gotta hand it to you, sandy. You sure know how to get the boys to perk up.

Wakey wakey, hands on snakey.

(We can get this over 100.)


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