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October 18, 2010


"They are not like anything you already own."


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Pregnancy is out and hats are back? So, now I'm supposed to tuck in the gut it took me 45+ years to develop?

The hat isn't a problem. I have a couple dozen baseball caps from my sons' teams.

I have a labrador....I'm just imagining him in my husband's pants.

Notice the date of column is in 1985. Just goes to show you fashion never goes out of date. Of course unless you run out and buy all the stuff they want to sell you, then the next day it is all useless.

Can't wait for corduroy OP shorts to come back.

What's creepy is that this column could have been written now.


That's the point, Elon. Dave is timeless. And so, I suppose, is his blue-shirt habit.

*smacks bonmot for the corduroy Op comment* This is a fashion blog, sir, not an island for misfitted boys.

Every time I see Dockers (tm) I remember Dave's classic tag line (which I think would have helped sell more pants had they only had the sense to use it):

"Pants for the bigger-butted man."

RIP Freddy 'Sez' Schuman, a real fan.

I once got to bang Freddy's pot at a game.

I didn't like the article 1n 1985, and still don't. I've been squatting here naked for fifteen years now, and it doesn't look like things are going to change anytime soon.

Eh, you get used to it.

I managed to finally get a Nehru jacket the day before it became sudden death to wear. My life as a fashionisto was very short.

Yeti - You're in a time warp! 1985 was 25 years ago, not 15! You have been squatting over a worm hoooooooole!

Well, that does explain the breeze...

Fashion: proof that stupidity is forever.

Dennis Cunningham once joked that all his clothing came from a famous line, holding up a Snoopy shopping bag, "Poochy."

"Slime of New Zealand" ("Time of the Season")

What's your brain?
Is it damaged?
Do you twitch
Like me?

Have you taken
All the slime
To show (to show)
And give to charity?

Come to Rotorua
Tell you why
You really oughta know
It's the slime
Of New Zealand for dummies...

Bravo, SW! Yeti? --------------------> door.

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