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October 23, 2010


Police said the man told them he was wearing the ghost costume to avoid a sunburn and was allowed to continue on his way.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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no BOOs involved?

Are they sure this person was wearing a ghost costume? I've often been mistaken for a ghost due to my excessively pale skin. One year at the beach my daughters put on their sunglasses when I put on my shorts. They said the glare off my legs was too bright. The price of being a redhead who burns easily. I use SPF 2000.

Apparently he was a friendly ghost.

Albino Burkhas WBAGNFARB.

*Snork* @ BOO's.

I'm sure there are a plethera of jokes to be made here, but I swear all I can think about is Charlie Brown and his bag of rocks.

*new girl hangs head in shame"
spelled it incorrectly, used it incorrectly and probably double-posted. Sorry...I'm not stupid, I'm just sleepy. =)

I wasn't gonna say anything, but s long as you brought it up...it's spelled "placenta."

*SMACKS* SW. girlogic I once broke the blog TWICE in one day! AND if it weren't for spellcheck there's no telling what I wood post.

No sheet, yes, sheet.

No sheet, Sherlock.

Dude must have been in good spirits when they let him go.

Hooooo are you,
Hoooooooo, Hooooooo
Hoooooooo are you
Boooooooo, Boooooooo.

*gulp* It's possible to break the blog?? There's a reason that I sport a tattoo of four-leaf clovers. Maybe I should leave the blog now, before I bring down the entire internet.

I'll bet he was headed to Cracker Barrel

Are we sure this wasn't on an episode of Reno 911?

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