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October 25, 2010


Coney, 48, and 26-year-old Verlantis Finnie, are wanted for questioning in two odd liquor store robberies involving women stuffing their underwear with expensive bottles of alcohol.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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It's often necessary to use alcohol to get into a woman's underwear... .

Cocktails, anyone?

"I say Jeeves old boy"

"Yes your Lordship?"

"This scotch is smelling a mite fishy."

"I'll have a word with the maid M'Lord"


That is all.

I thought men went for this sort of thing.

Cindy - men like a wet bar anywhere they can find it.

Reminds me of the time Minnie Driver guested on "Will & Grace." Her character tried to steal some of Karen's jewelry, using the same hiding spot... LOL

If I were to stuff five pounds into my underwear, they'd be ground-wear.
And, ladies, no cracks.
Well, maybe one.

Obviously both had bad crack habits.

Some port to go with the Monicanudo?

Maybe they were mixing up a batch of these.

GEEZER ALERT: That picture reminded me of Flip Wilson as Geraldine (how funny was he?!)

Since when is it news for two women to get liquored up?

This is kind of analogous to what men try to do at nightclubs every weekend.


sandy, I loved Flip Wilson and especially Geraldine. I still have my Geraldine/Flip Wilson doll but sadly it doesn't talk anymore. It used to say things like "The devil made me do it".

ha, cindy that's awesome!

hey, where's annie? I think these girls need some
'Chicken Soup for the Absolute Hoo-ha Soul Sisters'

Sorta lends a different perspective to a bottle of Black Bush, do it not?

Thank God for BBW and their panties!

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