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October 21, 2010


Rare New Zealand pigs to be killed for their semen

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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Can't they just pay them for it?

OK, they're jerkin' off pigs, and squeezing the teats on goats. I think some Kiwi's just got a weird animal fetish.

I guess they start by holding naked pictures of Petunia Pig just to get them in the mood.

If they're typical male pigs, they will go for almost anything that looks like a female, so killing seems extreme.

They may be rare, but not rare enough -- the pigs and goats are alien species wiping out the native birds, so they need to be removed from the island. NZ laws and costs restrict transplanting them elsewhere; there is a small sanctuary for them on the island, but it has limited resources. The best hope for preserving the breeds is propagation in the UK, US, etc.

NZ also needs to get rid of its sheep, but they man the ram parts if you suggest it.

We have to kill them to save them. Oh, hell, don't tell Nancy Pelosi or we're all doomed earlier than we thought.

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