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October 21, 2010


Upon arrival, an officer located four women wrapped in towels hiding behind the bull near 1000 North and 800 East. The officer told the individuals they could not be on the statue, "especially naked," according to the police report.

(Thanks to Steven Folkman)


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I see by your outfit that you are a cowboy....

"The officer reported seeing the men holding on to each other in a "choo choo train fashion," on top of the artwork, "

what were they holding??

No pictures?

Gay Cabalereos.

The officer reported seeing the men holding on to each other in a "choo choo train fashion," on top of the artwork, the report reads.

They forgot to add NTTAWWT.

[Copy Desk]: Send a photographer out to Utah State STAT!!!!

I'm on it folks. I'll keep my camera handy during the homecoming festivities this week.
Who says nothing interesting ever happens here in Logan, Utah??

Sounds like a load of bull . . .

Flash,I dunno about Logan, but nothing like that ever happened at SUU in Cedar when I was there.

But our statues aren't bull, either.

Logan. The Aggies. They DO sell cheese to Subway. Really. Naked is rarely Outside.

I heard the Aggies just came up with a new use for sheep -- wool!

Words to say at the end-of-the-world: Utah sounds too kinky for me.

USU is a little different from most other Utah schools, as evidenced here in the final results of the Mr. USU 2010 contest:

The Ivy League is a little different. There's a story about a farmer calling to his daughter:

"Gerty, get behind the tree -- there's a Harvard guy coming down the street!" So she does.

A little later: "Gerty, come in the house -- there's a Yale guy coming down the street!" So she does.

Still later: "Gerty, get in the barn -- there's a Cornell guy coming down the street -- and bring the cow with you!"

One thing I learned as a Cornell Aggie ('69) is the difference between a cow and a bull. Utah State needs to update its curriculum.

I tell people I was going to major in animal husbandry, but they caught me. My Cornell degree is in wildlife biology: when the wind is southerly I also know a hawk from a handsaw.

I wonder if the city of Gavle will lend USU their Goat-Cam.

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