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October 26, 2010


Sesame Street's Bert Suggests He May Be Gay

(Thanks to queensbee)


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I don't believe it. His friend Osama would never have let him live. But he probably would have sold tickets to the execution.

Bert would never date Snooki. He clearly has better taste.

As the proud father of a two year old girl, Sesame Street is (once again) a large part of my life.

Recently, Ernie was pestering Bert about something-or-other, accompanied by music of course, and Bert turned to Ernie and said, "Ernie. Zydeco? Really?"

Cracked me right up!

Ehhh, who cares about Ernie. What I want to know is, now that Katy Perry is married, is Elmo still knockin' some off the side, if ya know what I mean?

I guess they may as well go all in and make Ernie bisexual and Oscar transgendered. Maybe Elmo will be the metrosexual.

Twitter twaddle.

Was this a Sesame Tweet?

Toldja. Ernie is the perv that made Angry Elmo bad. The only one Ernie is getting a piece of is Russell Brand.

OOPs, Bert is the gay one. He is more likely to hang out with the gay TeleTubbie.


We'll know Bert's come out of the closet when he tweezes that unibrow... oh, snap!

Wouldn't bother me if he were. I'm still way more worried about the rubber ducky, though.

"you make bath time lots of funnnnn..."

Siouxie's right. NTTAWWT. bonmot you have my sincere sympathy. I had to suffer through Tele Tubbies and Barney with my 3 kids. I knew I had watched too much childrens programming when I asked my husband if he had to go 'potty wotty' before we left the house.

Did anybody else get Avenue Q stuck in their heads before even clicking on the link?

Another plot to undermine the "Don't ask/don't tell policy.

What about the nookie monster?

Actually if Snooki & cookie monster marry she will appropriately be Ms. Snooki Monster....

Somebody broke the filter that's supposed to stop the meat Specially Produced in Austin Minnesota....

I can't imagine Bert and Snooki, who would recieve?

Snooki is one of the ugliest women in entertainment. Erlinda Estrada is butt ugly and looks like a man with tits.

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