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October 27, 2010


Newly Discovered Snub-Nosed Monkey Sneezes in the Rain

(Thanks to Jeff Matthews)


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Let me be the first to say that policy prohibits us from making Michael Jackson jokes.

Don't let the critters live in Portland, Oregon.

Making them an excellent source of snot.

"they spend rainy days sitting with their heads tucked between their knees"

Me too; but Prozac helps

I can't access the article, but I would assume they are not as accurate as the longer-barreled monkeys. They would be easier to conceal under your coat, though.

*snork* & 'bless you', betsy ;)

Hmm, picture looks kind of like my ex brother in law

What do you want when they have an inverted funnel for a nose? That's one ugly mook.

The appropriate control device for the snub-nosed monkey...

That what my first thought too, Cheesie.

Honestly, if I see video of these monkeys moonwalking, I'm gonna change my views on reincarnation. And karma.

Right there with ya, Cheesewhiz.

Also very Seussian.

Oooh, the irony.

Now there's a funky gibbon.

What survival value is there in this?

Charles Darwin


♬ Sneezing in the rain,
I keep sneezing in the rain!
What a horrible feeling
I need a kleenex again.
They say I'm not cute,
and that I can't refute.
I just wish I would quit
sneezing in the rain. ♬

Very good, nc!

Glad you didn't get blown into Oz.

Snub-Nosed Monkeys were opening for Mr. Manilow in Vegas last week.

Civilization as we know it is nearly over.

Just checking in from Arizona - will be home Friday night.

Hope the blog is surviving in style.

Free Kimmo!''

Could've sworn I saw this critter on Adventure Time with Finn & Jake

"they spend rainy days sitting with their heads tucked between their knees
Reminds me of my first try at college.

Suprised nobody's tried to make a "too dumb to come in out of the rain" joke...

Allen: Thanks for the link. I'd love one in .44 Special. But a MSRP of $1475? Ouch.

Cheesewiz took all the fun outa this thread

They can probably fire off a few rounds when it hails.

Thanks bonmot. I was beginning to worry I was going to end up in Texas last night! We had 3 confirmed tornadoes. I don't do well with storms like that. I'm sort of a chicken.

You'd be quite welcome in Texas. You'd have to adjust to real BBQ, though.

"Ooooooh, I hear sneezin' in the rain,
Walkin' hand in paw with my snub-nosed love..."

"having almost entirely blackish fur with white fur only on ear tufts, chin beard and perineal area. It also has a relatively long tail, approximately 140% of its body size."
That doesn't clear it up much as, except for the tail, it describes most of my college buddies.

It's a common misconception that the Snub-Nosed Monkeys wrote and recorded the first version of "Sneezes in the Rain". In fact, the Hankies had a minor hit with it in 1963. Buddy Holly wrote the song and was planning to release it as a single before his tragic death.

The newly discovered species is already endangered:

"The only scientifically observed specimen had been killed by local hunters the time researchers found it—and was eaten soon after. But local demand for monkey meat is only one reason the new species is already considered endangered."


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