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October 29, 2010


...we cannot etc.

(Thanks to Hulexfour)


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this space intentionally left blank

He is working on a major research project with a colleague, V. D. Hertz.


♫ Dang me, Dang me!
They oughta take a rope and hang me...

Have you met his wife Heidi?

Yes! She's my neighbor.

I'm not sure I want a Ho for an internist.

does he wear Ho Ho pants?

@sandy, you should have asked "Does he don Ho Ho pants?"

They have a Portuguese Water Dog named "Land."

@jsg: are you implying he has 'tiny bubbles'?

Is he related to Cuss D. Skank ?

i think that's what charlie sheen's been saying...

dang it queensbee. You beat me to it.

*Snork! @ Betsy & A-w-b-h*

He has a daughter named "Ida".

And a cousin living in the far North, goes by "S. Kim".

Er .... please transplant the above snork to the diamonds thread. Etc.

If he gets in your boat, you'll have a whole 'nother Ho to row.

His brother Allem lives in Texas.

and who you callin a... whoops. i yam a member of famous Hos. Chi Minh was my long lost uncle.

His brother and sister-in-law, San and Toni, also live in Texas.

He has a Brazilian nephew named Rhee.

And a niece in Alaska named June.

I'll be here all week, folks!

Tip your waiter; try the veal!

...and an Irish-Brazilian mulatto cousin named "O'Ree."

If you run into him in Cleveland, be sure to say, "Oh, hi! . . ." well, you know.

Dang D Ho set me up. Marion Barry said so.

I'm a night owl . . .

Dang de ho's; full speed ahead!

Is tired of people wishing him a Merry Christmas.

His sister is Yura ....

His original name was Dam Ho, but he changed it at immigration.

He divorced Heidi four years ago, having fallen in love with another woman. They decided to have a very balanced marriage, with a hyphenated name, and they flipped a coin to decide whose name would come first. His new wife, Turndi Zoff, won the toss.

That marriage didn't last either, though. He divorced Turndi and married yet again, and again he lost the coin toss. Some say, tho, that his wife, Farm Raised Koh Salmon, fared worse in the transaction.

*snork*@ jsg -
wife turndi didn't like how Dang sang, so pleaded Ho: Hum!

@sandy-- excellent.

He's said to be quite the environmentalist. Drives a Prius; composts everything. His friends know him as Dang D. Ho, Green Giant.

sadly, 2nd wife drowned, swimming upstream, & Mr Ho met the love of his life, Miss Lynwon. (yep, lost coin toss again)

woops - 3rd wife - i lost track of his hos

Bound to happen if you don't tally hos.

Meanie's on fire! Hos him down.

Wow. Meanie and Annie have taken it to another level. I concede defeat.

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