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October 25, 2010


Now you can be stylish AND safe:

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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What if she gets stabbed in the gut? She clearly needs more pillows.

i like the webpage in swedish. farboncking? that sounds like something illegal. means pre-booking. oh well. the fashions are as stupid as i've ever seen.

Who goes bicycling in a little black dress?

E.T.'s sister phone home?

I never thought I'd see someone peering out from a giant half-eaten marshmallow. Smores anyone?

Of course, the really stylish people wear it backwards.

FINALLY! Something to protect me while I bang my head against the wall after reading some of the things on the blog!

I could use that hat here today. It's pouring rain! I'm sure I would get many admiring looks if I wore this outfit to Walmart. bonmot, after Labor Day it's tacky to bicycle in a little white dress.

Not to be incorrect, but I thought needing a helmet to walk around was a bad thing.

stormtrooper in a lbd?

geezer alert

Every lady has to have a little black number in her wardrobe.

LOL MOTW. The little dot in the middle changed colour when the curlers were hot enough.

Your head can also look like it is being by a clam from space.

I remember that commercial, MOTW.

Now where'd that bus go . . .?

The google translation was more amusing than the photo.

At last, an airbag for my airbag!

Am I the only blog lady that wonders how and why the above blog guys know about electric rollers?

This 'hat' actually reminds me more of this. *Climbs onto geezer bus*

I like how the model is desperately trying to look sexy. She has that faraway look, like she's either deliberately ignoring you because you just don't matter, or maybe she's mulling over the latest questions in quantum physics.

Of course, she may just be wondering where her career is going once this picture hits the web.

She looks like her head is being swallowed by a giant clam.

I thought it was some sort of chastity device for the head.

Foxymoron - if you're wearing that, you truly have nothing to protect.

Looks to me like her head got grabbed by a Svedish troll, but she ran off so fast she tore his hand off.

For some reason, I keep hearing Han Solo saying, "And I thought they smelled bad on the outside."

Now we know where all those moody modern vampires come from. The "guys" look like they are really depressed that their scarf doesn't match their socks or discovered their $h!+ just started stinking.

Does it work better than a tinfoil hat?

It appears to be designed for crash test dummies.

For some reason I keep thinking of the Head On
Pain Relief balm commercials....

Imagine this...female voice...
WHenever I think it's gonna rain, or I just want to
look like a Giant Marshmallow, I put on my HeadOn
Pillow Hat and BAM I look like someone from outer space!!!

Horrible flashback to the "havelock" we wore in the Women's Army Corps!! (http://www.history.army.mil/books/wac/images/color29.jpg)

'Westfield Track & Field' Headgear

Private Polaroid photo from when Fay Wray was dating King Kong.

Well, I don't think that this helmet is safe at all.

Perfect for a bad hair day...

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