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October 30, 2010


Do not go to this guy's house.

(Thanks to Suzie Q. Wacvet)


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Not only that, but when he tells you to stop
shootin off yer mouth....

I'd think I'd be very quiet and take a few slow
steps away...

What a waste of ammunition.......

A need for anger management?

Think of the poor man's family! Alright it's Saturday,I won't..

I'm guessing, if he doesn't give you a treat, you should skip the trick.

Just a good old boy, never meanin' no harm. You ought to see how he cuts down a Christmas tree.

Check out the "Pumpkin Killing: 10 Methods That Work" video.

System Failure

I agree I think that it something to do with anger management. It is pretty unique though.

I'm a bit concerned about how he decorates for Christmas.

I think that's the doctor that did my sinus surgery couple of years ago. I have to admit, they are VERY clear, and the smell of cordite has mostly faded.

Wanna bet he has a few dozen cases of MREs in a shed?

Trick or Glock!
Did you notice the building behind the pumpkin? That's a no-no, even for a redneck.

Hopefully the Easter Bunny knows to skip this house.

He's probably the type of person that gives out those nasty peanut butter kisses in the orange and black paper. Blech!

Or those lint-sucking popcorn balls. Or even worse, a toothbrush. Somebody needs to pepper his tailgate.

Last year he ran out of apples so he just gave out razorblades

That's really ridiculous. He shoulda gone with the machine gun.

Judging by this video which is shot from a different angle, that is not a building in the background. He's got a proper shooting range going back there, with quite a variety of targets at various distances.

Suit yourselves, I'd be more worried if the man wasn't so good at what he was aiming at.

"...at HITTING what..." *sigh*

Eh. My machete does a better job.

I thought it was pretty funny. Gotta admit the guy has a pretty good shot.

The pumpkin pie is a clue to the reason for his behavior -- lead poisoning.

Sorry, Siouxie, he's married.


Ok, now he's single.

I wonder if he ever stops and says: "I know what your thinking pumkin....did I fire 5 or six shots? Well in all the excitement I kindof forgot. Yous got to ask yourself ....do I feel lucky. Well do you squash ??????"

Geez, you'd think he'd make a more creative design...

nc, I agree!!

I'm slightly disappointed to not see him use a Claymore ... that'd make quite a splash ... merely sayin' ...

Yeah, stick with this guy.

I like the back of the pumpkin.

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