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October 04, 2010


Christmas is coming.

(Thanks to sandy)


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HA! i was thinking more 'halloween'...

*first*? to note that 'no celebrity endorsement is implied'.

Hmmph! Give me 3 minutes and I'll make up a sheet that's way more believable than that one and sell it for half...

"This climatic item is from Season 8, Episode 17 (8:00 a.m.- 9:00 a.m.). In this episode, Jack Bauer and Renee Walker unite in an apartment."

'unite' - wink wink

'climatic' - *SNORK*! (perhaps they meant 'climactic'???)

Jack Bauer made love in that bed sheet. The powers it must have.

sandy, I just hope they didn't mean clamidiatic ;P

'clamidiatic' is the way gaga dresses :)

I thought Spongebob Squarepants used clam media.

Maybe they meant didactic?

Ain't no Shroud of Turin, but I'll bet someone buys it.

I think they meant chloeschematic.

8 people have bid on this?

Kinda gross, but...there are worse forms of fandom.

(Caution: Keyboard warning in effect. Also somewhat NSFW.)

Exactly, cindy!


And *snork* at climatic

So . . . that's the sheet Freckles was swaddled in, huh? (checks PayPal balance)

I see a butterfly, a bat, a lobster and a naked woman. How did I do?

Freckles is dead?

Yeah, yeah. Still can't believe got the clocked twice, but then again Tony got one too.

BTW what show are we going to watch and blog? I vote no on The Event. Seriously, 5 flashbacks in 5 minutes. Now Castle oh yeah.

I'm getting old... I forgot that Stana Katic, Collete Stenger from Season 5, plays Det. Beckett on Castle... so can't we blog on this? ;-)

I've never watched 'Castle,' favored USA's 'Burn Notice' (off air for now), but now I favor Fox's new show, 'The Good Guys.' Summer run was in 24's old Mon time slot, but now it's on Fri. I think it has the requisite amount of shooting and explosions besides not taking itself too seriously.

I heard Keifer is going to be JR Ewing, Jr. in the new Dallas series in the works.

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