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October 28, 2010


Victoria police break up brothers' violent fight over size of steak

Key Excerpt: When police arrived, they saw the younger brother had punched out some of the drywall as well as a computer monitor. The brother had also took a toaster into the bathroom and threatened to kill himself by throwing into a bathtub full of water.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Shoddy journalism. They didn't mention if the toaster was plugged in or not.

Please allow evolution to do it's job. Stopping suicide by toaster (over steak portions) does not improve the species.

Oddly, you never see this happening over Brussels sprouts.

The article doesn't mention it, but should I be surprised if alcohol was involved?

If the younger dude should happen to fry himself, is his steak still available?

..had also took?

i'd have to hurt them for the bad grammar.

Do they speak or write English in Victoria, BC?

I wonder what became of the steak? Did the other brother eat both pieces?

'He promised to go straight to bed...

Now i lay me down to sleep
I pray the BIGGER PIECE to KEEP!
If i should fry before i wake
I pray my brother chokes on steak.

Amen(tal case).

Steeroid Rage.

I disagree. It was not a pointless argument. Lives were at steak.

Someone please explain to the younger brother that he has to actually get INTO the bathtub to have it work.

(and *snork*@sandy!)

How do we know they're not vegans? Them skinny little people can get pretty crazy when they get a whiff o'sizzlin' beef. Some of 'em want to eat it, others think it may not be too late to save the poor critter.

Leggo o' my steako.

...throwing into a bathtub full of water the steak?

foe sizzle

HAH to Sandy. And ladies....I bet their both single. All you have to do is keep them well fed.

instead "they're" both single ....my mom the english teacher would scold me.

Vegan Zombie says "Graaaains!"

If I had threatened my older sisters with my own suicide...

LOLLER @ MtB ... and a bunch of y'all others ... tnx for cheerin' me up @ the end of the werk week ... I needed that!

Darwin has so much work to do.

Note to big bro: Don't purloin the sirloin.

Much ado about a little missed steak.

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