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October 20, 2010


Homer Simpson is Catholic, Vatican paper declares

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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I think that Marge is a closet Druid.

Satan: "Welcome to Hell, neighborino!"

Homer: "D'Oh!"

Jeebus is his Lord. The perfect communion - donuts & beer.

well, d'oh. if anyone can prove it, the vati-can.

Alcohol and bread, major components of Homer's diet.

Aren't these the same folks who declared that the sun revolved around the Earth?

I always thought they were Rhythm Methodists.

Start confessin', Bart.

And this HELPS the Catholic Church!? How??

First, they want to baptize aliens,

next they say Homer Simpson is a Catholic.

Next? Will they pronounce that Bill O'Reilly is
really Jesus?

Sheesh, gimme a break. Or beer and do nuts.

I think that was the plot of one of the Treehouse of Horror episodes...

Funny man, this paper doesn't represent all Catholics. Like any other religion there are some nuts in the mix. Catholics eat meat on any Friday except during Lent. Bill O'Reilly is definitely not Jesus, and I've never heard of the baptizing aliens thing. As for Homer Simpson being Catholic, he's a CARTOON CHARACTER!!!

The bishop for Louisiana had the teal, a small duck, declared to be a fish, so the Cajuns could eat it on Fridays.

Teal are probably the best-eating wild duck.

i'm with ya cindy. of course, the church does look a tad SILLY declaring a cartoon character to be catholic, makes you go - huh? did he have to go thru RCIA, i wonder, since he is a convert, after all. the whole thing is bizarro!

I think the L'Osservatore Romano periodically publishes these things to make sure that anti-Catholicism doesn't die out.

I know the church is reaching out -- they also established a 'daddy track' for disaffected Episcopalean priests. But this might be stretching it.

And if he went through RCIA, you know he did it for the doughnuts:)

WAITAMINIT! Bill O'Reilley is not JESUS???



cindy - AMEN sistah!

Since Bing Crosby is the Parson of the Presbylutherans with which the First Church of Springfield is affiliated, I find the Vatican's claim a little hard to swallow.

That confession is going to be EPIC.
There's a fine line between an honest confession and bragging.

Asked his opinion about this matter, Bill O'Reilly said "Hey, it's their decision. That's not my cross to bear."

Guy walks into a confessional. He says "Father, I'm 82 years old. I'm havin' sex every day with a twenty-four year old."

The priest says "Are you married to this woman?"

The man says "Nuh unh."

The priest says "Then you must cease conjugal relations at once and say four 'Hail Mary's'."

The man says "'Hail Mary's?! Father, I'm Jewish!"

The priest says "You're Jewish?! Then why are you telling me all this?"

The man says, "Father. I'm 82. I'm havin' sex wid a twenty-four year old. I'm tellin' EVERYBODY!"

Bada Bing, Bon...

Bart Simpson walks into the confessional.

"Father, I confess that I had sex with a girl."

"Was it that Mary O'Brien?"

"No, Father."

"Was it Sally Fitzpatrick?"

"No, Father."

As he leaves the confessional Homer comes up to him and asks, "Do you feel better now, Son?"

"You betcha. I got two good leads."

Pope is Catholic, Journal of Ursine Scatology declares

No one else remembers that the minister at the Simpson's church is married??? That is definitely not Catholic!

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