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October 31, 2010


Personal scooter ends up in Lake Michigan

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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A Segway can double as a personal floatation device? That's good to know.

Aren't there brakes on these scooters?

What is it with these Segways? At least this one didn't kill anyone before running into the lake.


...and the ghost of Teddy Kennedy appears on Halloween.

Ted Kennedy? That's all water under the bridge!

They definitely have it in for people. One killed the company's owner.

The Segways have been talking to the SUVs. It's a conspiracy.Today the HoverRounds. Tomorrow the world. Bwahahaha.

It's not just the outside toys that have it in for us. Some are out to get us from the inside.

Were there any squirrels in the area??? That could explain a lot.


Ah, the roaches are arriving. So glad I put in a new doorbell yesterday. If only I had been allowed to electrify the stoop like I wanted.

So the company's owner, with over 160 million dollars to his name, falls off one of his own devices and drowns, and they *don't* suspect anything unnatural? Hmmmm.

Don't drink and scoot.

This guy knows how Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are gonna feel Wednesday morning.

It's a little chilly for a swim. How does one drive into the water? Not paying attention or no brakes or drunk or something,

They float!

I need one of those things. Have they gotten the price down below $400 yet?

Nolidge, you don't need one of these. After all the accidents on them lately they're probably under $40 now.

Sorry, Nolidge. Still $6,000.

Rats. A longer wait than I had hoped. Guess I'll have to settle for a Hover-Round.

It's a scene from the Risky Business remake. Some quotes:
"I parked my father's segway in Lake Michigan."

"Who's da u-boat commander?"

"I've got a trig midterm tomorrow, and I'm being chased on a segway by Guido the Killer Pimp."

'Personal scooter ends up in Lake Michigan'

i think it's eerie

*Applauds sandy's superior comment*

Huron early, meanie ;)

Sandy's Ontario something.

(Sorry, not much left)

While Mondays are not especially great, I find the early mornings are still a placid time.

HOME'S the best place to be

...a day off is great

Not exactly a watershed insight, but I'll go with the flow.

Maybe the scooter needs some Niagara?

"Chicago police could not say this evening how the Segway ended up in the lake . . ."

Um, maybe he drove it off the pier?!!!

Just a guess.

Chicago police might not be the sharpest tools in the shed.

So water they gonna do about it?

You can take guided tours of Chicago on a Segway (http://chicagosegways.com/). Since the people in the picture are wearing matching helmets, I'm guessing it was part of a guided tour and somebody wasn't paying attention to the "How to stop a Segway" instructions at the beginning of the tour. Oops! Wonder who gets to pay for a new one?

Define 'guided.'

I kind of like how one of these stories about these devices leads naturally to another story about them.

Speaking of segues, it makes me feel like I'm on a 'ridealong' with Darwin.

Those Segways are treacherous. I'm reasonably coordinated and the one time I spent an afternoon riding one I realized I had to be constantly on my guard against the types of situations the Segway doesn't like. Riding on a sidewalk I scraped the retaining wall -- the thing started bucking like a bull at Gilley's! I missed the exact center of the curb cut by a few inches and it acted like its natural state was hurtling toward the sidewalk at incredible velocity!

I love the file name on the article.

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