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October 28, 2010


˙ʎɐʍ ǝɥʇ uo sı˙˙˙


(ǝıpɐqɐן ǝɔɐɹoɥ oʇ sʞuɐɥʇ)


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*SMACKS* commenter, John in London, for suggesting that a woman parked this car. I would never park on a double yellow line thankyouverymuch.

It seems a decades-old frat-boy prank is now "art"...

It should have been a VW Beetle.

Who flipped on the road
Should soon be towed
That we can get by.
And so, get over yourself
Because the art
Is just a drive-by.

Your art won't sell
Contrived as hell
It surely should die
Your hackneyed themes
Are ones we'd pick
To hang in pig stys.
Don't you ever ask me why
If I told you I won't buy
So just armor up your thigh
And know I'll shoot you.

Some time ago I came across a parking cop who was looking over a car that had parked between two marked spots, bumper up against one of the legally parked cars. For good measure both parking meters were expired.

I told the cop, "Looks like you're making your quota early today." Those guys so rarely get to chuckle on duty.

p.s. cindy, you denied the parking on a double-yellow, but I bet you've left a few sedans on their roofs, haven't you? Fess up now!

It belongs to an Australian

*snork* @ MtB.

Then it's on the wrong side of the road, Mot. ;) :-*

If only I had thought to tell the state trooper giving me my driving exam, "Sir, it's not that I can't parallel park; my angled approach to the utilitarian squareness of the lines is an expression of my existential angst, whilst the back tire over the curb represents my desire to break out of the conundrum of the human condition."

If I ever get caught relieving myself against a tree, I won't be exposing myself.
It's "performance art".
Gimme another beer.

Diva, the countries that drive on the left are the British Isles, all Southern Africa, most Far Eastern, Australia and New Zealand, so the driver at least got that part right:-)

huh, someone flipped the road..

whilst the back tire over the curb represents my desire to break out of the conundrum of the human condition.

It is only that could get a reasonable lisence

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