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September 29, 2010


Panic Erupts At Youth Football Practice When Cop Shoots Rabid Raccoon

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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At least nobody had to shoot the beaver. I mean there were kids there and all.

At least the coaches on the sidelines didn't get into a fight.

It is uncommon in our community for an off duty police officer to not be at youth sporting events. It keeps everyone a lot more willing to let a bad call go.

Well, obviously, it took forever to respond. When the call went out, the cop probably put two and two together and realized it wasn't a priority.

Also, how else would you kill a rabid raccoon? An uppercut to the head? Guillotine? If it's rabid, isn't the idea to kill it without approaching it? And most stations don't have boomerangs or blowguns full of poison darts on hand.

I saw Rabid Racoon open for Elvis once.

It's like Bill Murray in Caddyshack.

Fire up the BBQ!!

Having once had to kill a rabid racoon with a shovel to keep it fom biting me and my dogs, I can testify that a gun is the preferred option. And no, walking/running away from it was not an available option. It was not something I would like to ever repeat.

Whaaaa. Poor little Snowflake would have loved those rabies shots. So much safer. Cry-parents.

Too bad this didn't take place somewhere in the black mining hills of Dakota . . .

These complainers have no idea how deadly rabies is.

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